This shabby wooden hut gets a heartwarming makeover

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This shabby wooden hut gets a heartwarming makeover

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Jardin original par 高原正伸建築設計事務所 一級建築士事務所 Éclectique
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As far as most of us are concerned, a dilapidated building is a place to store seldom-used items, and not somewhere to spend much time. The expert architects from Plateau Masanobu came across such a place – an old construction, falling slowly to pieces. With meticulous planning and creative design, they were able to give it the most amazing makeover. Deft architecture has transformed it into a splendid structure, with an expenditure of just 3,000 Japanese Yen! Hard to believe, is not it? So without further ado, let's begin our tour and see what they did…

​Before: a run-down, dilapidated building

The building was around 30 years old and nothing more than a debris-filled warehouse with a rusty, mottled exterior. People avoided coming anywhere near this eerie, abandoned spot. The designers had a different opinion though. The building by itself was full of possibilities for renovation. The idea was to convert it into a teahouse by preserving its vintage look and feel.

​After: old-age, vintage inlets

The designers decided to create a rustic entrance, with a wooden door that can retain the light coming through the windows. This, along with daylight reflecting from the natural colours of the wall, gives a surreal, magical feeling to the entire ambience. They've also preserved the original rustic tone of the building, which leaves you with an aura of nostalgia.

​After: warm interiors with rustic charm

The designers have added a quaint wooden table, with complementing benches on either side, to create a warm dining space. Stepping into the building, you instantly feel free from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

​After: inviting earthy tones

The straw wall is designed to preserve the original spirit of the building. It again renders a country feel to the interior that is thoroughly enchanting. Criss-crossed bamboo covers the internal window, allowing air and light to permeate beautifully. In modern Japan, finding traditionally-constructed architecture like this is a rare treat. 

​After: a specially designed entrance

The entrance greets you with uniquely carved stone tile flooring. These tiles have gaps in between and replace the conventional concrete floor. The attractive design comes with a huge advantage. These gaps allow rainwater to flow away without any blockage. Nature always knows best! A stone tied with a rope, placed near the entrance, tells visitors that once they step inside, an interesting story awaits.

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