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8 fantastic ideas for a small bedroom

Sandy Mauthner Sandy Mauthner
Chambre minimaliste par MINBAI Minimaliste
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Sometimes the bedroom does not have the necessary square meters of spaciusness and it is difficult to feel at ease when the room is small and cramped. What makes it more complicated is if you do not choose the right furniture or accessories such as curtains and bedding. When space is lacking you have to act sensibly and be more organised. Sit down and plan ahead and see photos of similar environments to seek inspiration. 

In homify we want to help you to make your room comfortable and pleasant, however small it may be. A set of good suggestions can help you to style your bedroom exactly how you want it.

1. Out at night, sleeping at daytime

Chambre minimaliste par MINBAI Minimaliste Bois Effet bois

This room is small but charming, as it has everything one needs and everything is in its perfect place. The queen bed is comfortable but it does take up too much room. And so the interior architects were spot on, during the day the bed disappears into the wall and is integrated into the bookshelf. This leaves the bedroom full of new space! And the room is then a perfect study place full of light and sun.

2. An elevated bed

Having only a few square meters should not be an obstacle to having everything you need. In this case, the bookshelf was integrated into the wall next to the bed with storage spaces below and to the sides. Sliding drawers are embedded inside the furniture and then cleverly used to climb onto the bed. 

3. Everything on the wall

 This bedroom does not have much space to move around, so instead of having a classical table which would be in the middle of the room, a different idea of a table was chosen.  Using the shelves system which we use to climb the bed can also become a table on occasions when needed. This way we have more space to move around and have one design serving two purposes!

4. Practicality and good taste

Chambre moderne par MINBAI Moderne Bois Effet bois

Often foldable beds can make the room look rather precarious. In this case the design is exquisite since it has a very decorative partition that acts as bed headboard during the night and provides proper reading light. The furniture was cleverly designed with two bookshelves on each side that offer storage space and at the same time are used as a bedside table.

5. Small but gracious

This room may be small but it doesn't have to be boring as such. In this case one of the walls is covered with a striking blue-white striped wallpaper that matches with the bed quilting. This feature has a lot of magnetism and puts away the focus from the reduced space. The whole room is charming and tasteful, and reaffirms the old saying even small can be just as good.

6. More than one function

par MINBAI Minimaliste Bois Effet bois

Once again we have an example that shows that retractable bed is quite user-friendly and that it  is possible to have a perfect bedroom of only few square meters and make it very functional. In this case the bed becomes part of the bookshelf during the day and at night a proper sleeping space. This resulting partition is supported by two armchairs, which allow other functionality of the space during the day.

7. The clever use of mirror

Mirrors are often referred to as space creators. They create the illusion that the room has much more space than it actually does. When a space is reduced, nothing is better than to visually duplicate your square meters. For instance a large mirror can be located in the door of a wardrobe or a whole side wall. This will help to create a new partiality that avoids the feeling of suffocation that sometimes comes when a place feels too cramped.

8. A window illusion

Another similar possibility is to have a picture of a window on one side of the wall. In this way we can try to distract the mind to not think about small space. In this image this is very well done with different elements such as delightfully colorful quilt, the cushions with images of comics. And the window with the magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. In this case one is so well amused and distracted that it doesnt consider the lack of space…

If you need more ideas on how to fill your small space or how to feel better about your reduced dimensions check out this Ideabook!

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