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10 amazing ideas for creating a unique bathroom

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Can you imagine the horror of walking into someone's bathroom, only to be looking at a carbon copy of your own? That must be a terribly deflating experience and we want to make sure that you never have to know the pain of it, by giving you some tips for creating a truly unique bathroom. When it comes to making the most of a space and its natural charms, bathroom designers are pros, but we think we have discovered some super tips and tricks that will let you take the lead in your bathroom revamp! Take a look with us now and see which of these ideas could have been dreamt up specifically for your home!

1. Make nature a focus.

If you are fortunate enough to have a home that is set in a beautiful location, be sure to make the most of it by including large windows in your bathroom! We also think that as well as natural light, you should draw from the outside world in terms of materials  that you use! Slate tiles and natural wood are perfect choices and how you use them is up to you!

2. Mix your materials.

You'll notice that professional bathroom designers are able to mix unlikely materials with a natural grace that seems impossible to replicate, but we think you've got the skill! Polished concrete, dark wood and marble are all massively popular materials right now, so how about mixing them together in your own way?

3. Make more of glass.

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Gone are the days when glass was used in a bathroom just as one small shower screen or door, as now, it is a main feature! Channel your inner confidence and think about how you can make more of it, as we don't think it ever looks anything other than incredible and fantastically contemporary too!

4. Create a spectacular spa.

Why build another bog-standard bathroom, when you can treat yourself to a luxury spa, right in your home? Think about sunken tubs, pedestal-free sinks, high-powered showers and what about a sauna or steam room? Add some pale pebbles for that hotel spa look and feel too and you'll never want to leave!

5. Really focus on unusual aesthetics.

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If you have a definite style throughout the rest of your home, why would you suddenly stop it, when it comes to your bathroom? The notion that you can't have funky design or cool art in your bathroom is such an outdated one, so always look to draw the rest of your aesthetic through to even the more practical spaces!

6. Embrace floral motifs.

We bet you didn't know that florals are set to make a big comeback in terms of interior design, but now that you do, would you consider the look for your bathroom? We like this example, as the watercolour vibe feels cool, fresh and clean, which is everything you want in a bathroom and the aesthetic is so beautiful too!

7. Use light in unusual ways.

Everybody has lighting in their bathroom, so how can you make yours stand out just that little bit more? Funky fixtures are one option, but we are taking so much inspiration from this picture, which shows a totally illuminated vanity unit. What a way to add some cool touches and a warm ambience!

8. Try a classic look, with a twist.

If you prefer to stick to classic bathroom motifs, perhaps you can consider a white room with a focus on textures, rather than colour? We love these ceramic tiles, which look like quilted fabric, as they keep the space feeling classically elegant, as well as modern and unusual. What a combination!

9. Do away with the tub!

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Here's a modern and daring notion for you; don't have a bath, in your bathroom! We know that most people do, but if you want to create a really amazing space that is unique, interesting and eye-catching, choosing a double shower in place of a cumbersome bathtub is a great idea. 

10. Be bold with colour.

Colour blocking is a fantastic way to embrace a myriad of different hues in one space, without committing a whole wall to one shade! In a bathroom, we think this design, that sees the top of the walls coloured, works really well, as you can keep the lower portion neutral and functional!

For extra bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 small bathroom designs not to be missed.

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