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9 ingenious kitchen tricks to save you a lot of money

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Kitchens can be such a drain on our finances! What with doubling up on products that we can't see in our cupboards, breaking crockery and purchasing pricey cleaning products, we can end up simply pouring money down the drain in the kitchen sink. But, we think we've found some super ways to help you stop spending so much cash! Kitchen planners know the importance of making your space work hard and efficiently, so we have looked at all those extra special touches that they include in clients' projects and think we've identified some key pieces that will save you time and money! If you're keen to make your kitchen a whole lot more cost-effective, then read on and see how you can save significant amounts of money!

1. Get every drawer and cupboard properly ordered.

When you want to start saving money in your kitchen, you need to begin by taking a look at your organisation! Not only do you need to be able to see everything to prevent duplicate purchases, but you also need to ensure that breakables are properly supported and safely stowed, to prevent costly replacements being needed!

2. Make your own cleaning products.

Kitchen cleaning products are so expensive and with different sprays for every appliance, you can soon rack up huge bills! Don't get suckered into believing the hype that you need to buy a myriad of products, as you can make a simple spray with white vinegar, baking soda and water and get gleaming results for much less!

3. Use it more and shun takeaways!

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One way to make sure that your kitchen isn't costing you money is to actually use it more! Stop purchasing pricey takeaways and start preparing delicious, nutritious meals everyday and get more value from your space. Remember that a dead space is a costly one!

4. Eat seasonally.

You don't want your grocery bills to sky rocket, just because you have committed to using your kitchen more, so a key way to make sure that you're getting good value for money with your food shopping is to eat seasonally! Stick to items that are being grown locally and currently, as it's the exotic, imported items that really cost the money!

5. Think about the accessories you choose.

You might want all mod-cons in your kitchen, but is that just vanity talking? Think about what you actually need and will use on a daily basis and stick to those basics. Also, keep an eye out in thrift stores and at garage sales, as you might find some vintage items that have a lot of character, but a small price tag.

6. Invest in your important appliances.

Naturally, you will have a few kitchen essentials that you use every day and we suggest that you actually invest in these. Do your research and find items that can be easily repaired, come with a decent manufacturers warranty and are recommended by previous buyers. It's worth spending a little more on the things that matter to you, if you know they are covered by decent repair warranties.

7. Replace old appliances with A++ rated versions.

When old appliances give up the ghost, don't simply replace them like for like! A dead appliance is a fantastic opportunity for embracing a little ecological stewardship, as well as utility bill savvy, as you can replace with A++ rated energy efficient versions. You'll save money and help the environment in one hit. What could be better?

8. Grow your own herbs.

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For a cost effective and wonderfully fragrant way to make your kitchen work a little harder, how about growing some herbs? It's terrifically simple and won't require you to sacrifice a lot of counter space, plus, you won't have to buy any at the grocery store again! You can even branch out into chili plants and other things that can be frozen!

9. Branch out into making other food items.

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If growing herbs gives you a taste for creating delicious things, could you be tempted to create jams and preserves too? If you look out for bargain basement fruits and vegetables on the supermarket, which are going out of date soon, you can make huge batches of delicious condiments for next to no money and they'll keep for ages!

For extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 small breakfast bars perfect for tiny kitchens.

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