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12 kitchen errors we all make but need to avoid!

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If we told you that you're probably making some critical errors with your kitchen design, you might scoff and say that we're wrong. But when you see out list of silly mistakes that so many of use make, we think you'll have to admit to at least one! Kitchen planners are so lucky in that they know every inch of every kitchen they design and can help clients to avoid silly mistakes, but if you're tackling the design process yourself, what should you be wary of? Take a look at our list of common kitchen errors and keep them in mind for when you revamp your space, as we don't want you repeating your mistakes, do we?

1. Not giving the floor enough thought.

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If you are giving the new cabinets in your kitchen your full attention, you might be overlooking a critical design element; your floor! Leaving this until last could mean that you are limited as to the choice of materials and colours you can use and, it might fall really flat! Think about the floor from the start and make it shine!

2. Trying to mix and match colours.

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We've all had flights of fancy that have seen us trying to get our interior designer hat on and combining colours that don't really work, but please don't try it in your kitchen! Make sure you have enough cupboard doors in your chosen colour and we actually recommend getting a couple of extra ones, in case the range becomes discontinued, as adding in an accent colour later never works!

3. Not thinking about the ceiling.

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Just like your floor, the ceiling in your kitchen is a large expanse of space that can really add to or detract from a fantastic design, so don't just ignore it! Think about adding more than just white paint, as eye-catching coloured ceilings are set to be huge news this year and what about some funky lighting too?

4. Forgetting to add practical touches.

If you get way-laden by all the aesthetic elements of your kitchen, you could actually forget that it's a practical room that needs to have functionality running through its core. Think about utensil holders, rails and handy drawer inserts that will keep everything you need, where you need it.

5. Making an island an afterthought.

If you have always wanted a kitchen island and you think that at some point you will add one, can we suggest that you wait to complete an upgrade, until you are sure you want one? Adding an island later always looks disjointed and a little bit tatty, but if you build one into your new kitchen from the start, everything beds in together nicely.

6. Making bad material choices.

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We don't for a second think that you will choose bad materials, but you might choose a few that simply don't look good together. It's as easy as getting totally obsessed with the idea of a heavily marbled worktop and not checking that the wood grain cabinets you want will look right. Remember, natural variations are still patterns and often as not, they can clash!

7. Failing to think about who will use the space most.

When you create a new kitchen, you should never lose focus of who is going to be using the space the most, as certain elements, such as worktop height, might need to be customised for them. You also need to think about the style of cooking that will be most commonly be in effect, as that can impact on the appliances that you need.

8. Not adding any personal touches.

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In a bid to stay current and modern, lots of people opt for a great swathe of neutral tones and understated décor in their kitchens, even if they would prefer something a little more adventurous. Don't forget that this is YOUR room, so you should add in some personal touches that nod to your style and sense of fun!

9. Making do with bad tiling.

Tiling is one of those DIY jobs that we all seem to think we have been born with the skill to complete, but substandard tiling can really ruin a new kitchen! Uneven tiles, non-uniform grout lines and excess adhesive are all common errors that amateurs fail to sort out in time, so when in doubt, get an expert out!

10. Not seeing the value in shelving.

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Kitchen shelves seem a little old fashioned to some people now, especially when modern kitchens are so adaptable and can have cupboards everywhere, but we really love a traditional set of open-front shelves! They keep your kitchen feeling large and airy and offer a huge amount of storage, so are you sure that you don't want some?

11. Assuming minimalism wouldn't work for you.

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Lots of people think that a minimalist kitchen simply wouldn't work for them, because they have busy households, but we think that a little pared back chic can go a long way! Start small, by always keeping your counters free of clutter, debris and appliances and work up from there. You'll love how spacious it makes the room feel!

12. Failing to keep it clean!

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The biggest kitchen error of all, which we think we are ALL guilty of at times, is not keeping it as clean as we can! It's not a case of being lazy, it's just that real life gets in the way of a rigorous cleaning schedule sometimes. Take the time to always 'reset' your kitchen ay the end of the day and you'll soon see what a difference it makes!

For extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 11 creative ways to fit a fridge into a small kitchen.

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