17 affordable and savvy ways to improve your home

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17 affordable and savvy ways to improve your home

Leigh Leigh
Cuisine de style  par Ferraro Habitat, Rustique
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There are so many ways that you can improve your home, but often we are put off by the cost as well as how time-consuming it is. It can be overwhelming, especially when we have families and are working hard all at the same time. Home design and decor can take a back seat!

This is why today at homify, we've put together 17 affordable and savvy ways to improve your home. These are not only quick and easy but they are budget-friendly.

We hope that each of these ideas, brought to you from top professionals from around the world, inspires you today as you bring some creativity and innovation to your home design!

Let's take a look…

1. Replace your textiles

Replace the covers on your cushions or your curtains and you'll instantly transform a living room or bedroom.

2. Get creative with old furniture

Recycling is the future!

3. Install shelves to make the most of vertical space

4. Open up your wardrobe

DIY Planter Closet:  de style  par Katleen Roggeman, Minimaliste
Katleen Roggeman

DIY Planter Closet

Katleen Roggeman

Let your fabulous clothes and shoes remain on display!

5. Paint your walls

Vieil olivier : Chambre de style  par Zuritagordian, Éclectique

Vieil olivier


Have some fun with the walls of your home – you can even get the kids to help!

Paint a mural, like this one for example.

6. Repaint your furniture for shabby-chic style

7. Replace your picture frames

 de style  par Anne Taylor Designs, Moderne
Anne Taylor Designs

Teddy Stripe Personalised Photo-frame

Anne Taylor Designs

Modern picture frames can change the whole look and feel of a home.

8. Use pallets as furniture

 de style  par Biogibson, Rustique

Have a look at this article: Cool furniture for almost nothing: using pallets.

9. Give your kitchen cabinets and drawers a new coat of paint

Cuisine de style  par Rencraft, Méditerranéen Bois Effet bois

Mediterranean Style


10. A fresh vase of flowers can go a very long way in interior design

 de style  par Snowpuppe, Scandinave

11. Install a vertical garden

It's the perfect solution for storing herbs!

Have a look at: How can I create and plant a vertical garden?

12. Go for a minimalist look and feel

 de style {:asian=>"asiatique", :classic=>"classique", :colonial=>"colonial", :country=>"de stile Rural", :eclectic=>"éclectique", :industrial=>"industriel", :mediterranean=>"méditerranéen", :minimalist=>"minimaliste", :modern=>"moderne", :rustic=>"rustique", :scandinavian=>"scandinave", :tropical=>"tropical"} par FridaFinn,

You'll bring a very industrial chic look and feel to the home

13. Recycle old crates

By painting them bright colours, you can end up with a truly unique interior design.

14. Make the most of your mezzanine level

rue de rivoli 75001 PARIS: Salon de style  par cristina velani, Scandinave
cristina velani

rue de rivoli 75001 PARIS

cristina velani

Turn it into a bedroom or study.

15. Use pallets to create new outdoor furniture

They're durable and stylish!

16. Paint your kitchen wall black

You'll create a gorgeous chalkboard design where you can write up recipes, quotes or even shopping lists.

17. Divide up spaces

Hôtels de style  par homify,

You don't need walls to divide up spaces. Have a look at how to stylishly split a room without a wall.

Maison de Village : Maisons de style  par Lautrefabrique , Moderne

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