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Home relaxation zones made easy

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Chalet Gstaad Chambre rustique par Ardesia Design Rustique
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In a world where almost all that is private is in fact, public, creating your own sanctuary has never felt so right and has never been so imperative. There are many options available for relaxing, such as, heading to your local spa and sauna or going out for a peaceful picnic or simply go for a walk in nature. Whatever you choose, one thing that is really important is to incorporate design features in your home that allow you to relax and unwind in the very comfort of your home. The home is a place where we predominately spend our time, so it can't hurt to add a bit of tender, love and care to our personal spaces to energise and revitalise us.

Below, we have provided both architectural and design details to inspire you to maximise the relaxation potential you have in your home. Namaste.

Add a built-in sauna

The health benefits of relaxation and sweating have been known for centuries – hence why the ancient Greeks loved steam baths! The typical spa experience is provided by sports clubs and even cities, so rather public affairs – placing your clothes in a locker, undressing and heading for a moment of relaxation with up to 50 other individuals.

Not anymore! Now, in-home saunas are becoming increasingly popular with some only taking a few days to properly construct. Pictured is an example of a minimalistic design concept with light-grain wood and glass openings to create the illusion of more space – even though only two people can fit. Although the sauna utilises some of the bedroom footage, the designer managed to incorporate it into the surrounding environment, and surprisingly it is not the first thing you notice upon walking in. Now that's great design!

Create a steam room

Turkish Steam Room par Oceanic Saunas Moderne
Oceanic Saunas

Turkish Steam Room

Oceanic Saunas

It is a common misconception that steam rooms and saunas are one in the same! Saunas provide dry heat – which for those with respiratory problems and asthma can be an issue.  Steam rooms offer all the benefits of a sauna, except more moisture. Typically, steam rooms require a bit more constructing and do better with tile or metal surroundings, rather than wood or other materials.  This can be a benefit, design wise, as you can spruce up your space with any tile design you like!  

Similar to in-home saunas, steam rooms can come in all shapes and sizes and be completely customised to your liking.  Think about using that spare bedroom – or even an add-on to the bathroom.  Some homeowners even choose to place them outside of the home so no internal space is subtracted.  Either way – give it a go!

Not-so-simple showers

Country House Barn, Surrey par Drummonds Bathrooms Rural
Drummonds Bathrooms

Country House Barn, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

While creating your in-home spa, don't forget that you can play with the more functional features of your space – your shower!  One of our personal favourites is the Skyfall Sauna shower, of Scandinavian design.

Showers have evolved from being a benefit offered by the natural flowing waters of nature, to closed ceramic spaces, and now – well NOW they can be quite extravagant and play with their existing environment. More often you will notice that showers don't have to be so enclosed – the design of the surrounding floor can influence the border of the shower bottom – seamlessly blending into the rest of the bathroom. Also, leave shower curtains at the store! Use open-concept coverings, either clear glass or frosted glass for those who prefer a little more privacy.

The shower pictured here creates a reflective and meditative environment – with wide open space and a drop down, waterfall style shower head for that ultimate standing under a natural spring feeling!

Set the mood with lighting

Chalet Gstaad Chambre rustique par Ardesia Design Rustique
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Lighting can truly change everything.  Feeling down? Open a window. Feeling tired or relaxed? Use artificial light to adjust your surroundings to your mood. Particularly in more private spaces this is of the most benefit – the area of your home where you can finally unwind and cleanse.

Lighting is incredibly important when considering what to add to your in-home spa.  Even if you have the best shower system, steam rooms, saunas, etc; if the lighting is all wrong – then give it up! Trust us, paying the extra price for great lighting that diffuses with its surroundings (so NO spotlights!) is imperative!

A place for yoga and exercise

More and more you're hearing about the health benefits of meditating or yoga.  Taking a small amount of time out of your day to turn off the electronics, dim the lights, and ease your mind.  Although you can technically meditate anywhere if you put your mind to it – if you're able to create the perfect environment, then DO IT.

Keep the interior design elements minimal – again, make sure the lighting is just right, organise the space and try if you can to have access to natural views.  Don't have a huge beautiful window to look out? That's fine – use the windows that you do have create a natural environment using indoor plants.

It's not relaxation without water and a bath

Penthouse Interior Design, River Thames, London Salle de bain moderne par Residence Interior Design Ltd Moderne
Residence Interior Design Ltd

Penthouse Interior Design, River Thames, London

Residence Interior Design Ltd

When it comes to relaxation there is nothing more useful and calming like a warm, calming bath. There are now so many options when working with whirlpool baths that it's almost overwhelming.  However, don't become anxious during the process of creating your own in-home spa – ugh, so counter-productive! Pictured here is a beautiful whirlpool bath featured in a UK penthouse – and if you take anything from this picture, it should be placement.

It truly doesn't matter what design, size, or materials you decide on – where you place your whirlpool can make all the difference.  Preferably placed in front of areas that offer the most natural light, whirlpools can provide one of the most relaxing experiences one can have in home. Now, whirlpools can come with crazy designs that can give the bather heated towels, built-in television, built-in massage mechanisms and even beautiful light placement.

Take some time out of your day for you, and you only. Slowly but surely work your way through each room and create (if at least) illusions of serenity and your home will truly become your sanctuary.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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