48 quick and easy home upgrades for a Filipino home

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48 quick and easy home upgrades for a Filipino home

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Chambre de style  par Joseph Bawar,
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Do you sometimes find yourself staring at a certain part of your house thinking there's something missing or quite not right about it? Perhaps the empty wall on the living room? Or maybe how the furniture is arranged? Oftentimes, all it takes is a little tweaking to get the perfect look you are aiming for. Here are quick and easy upgrade ideas for your home.

1. Include pop culture reference

2. Install extra shelves in the kitchen

Cuisine de style  par homify,

3. Try halfway paint in the living room

Pièce à vivre : salon - Appartement industriel chic & moderne 55m2 - 75010 Paris: Salon de style  par Espaces à Rêver,
Espaces à Rêver

Pièce à vivre : salon – Appartement industriel chic & moderne 55m2 – 75010 Paris

Espaces à Rêver

4. Splash colors on your bookshelves

5. Organize your closet

6. Decorate your main door entrance

Fenêtres & Portes de style  par Boscolo,

Upper Park, Loughton


7. Paint your backsplash something bright

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8. Embrace eclectic mix and match furniture

9. Style up your bathroom

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10. Use native and natural decorative items

11. Paint your bathroom shelves in contrasting colors

12. Put up an heirloom mirror that you can buy in thrift shops

13. Soften the space with a bedroom canopy

14. Experiment with hanging lights

15. Shift to intricately designed headboard. Tip: you can paint this yourself!

16. Bedside lamp gives a stylish feel

17. Black and white photography makes the wall look dramatic

18. Start your own herb garden

19. Organize your pantry

Cuisine de style  par Davonport,

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


20. Use baskets to keep the kitchen neat

21. Look for retro appliances in second hand shop. Try Bangkal in Makati or Cubao in Quezon City

Cuisine de style  par ARQ_IN ,

22. Display your colorful pots and pans

23. Use the same style of frame for all your posters or photos

Salon de style  par alba najera,

25. Fresh flowers make a big difference in the living room

Salon de style  par decorazioni,

26. Or try big indoor plants

Salon de style  par Levenssfeer,

27. Cushion seats look fancy and comfy at the same time

28. Use leaning shelves to hang your bags

29. A portable mini bar is always a good idea

Salon de style  par homify,

30. Use vinyl covers as wall paper

31. Install lights in your shelves

32. A printed carpet makes a bold statement in the living room

33. Pillow cushions of different colors and prints make the room look cheerful and inviting

34. Paint your wall with something bold and unique

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36. Give second life to old furniture

37. Personalize your dresser

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CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

38. Don't limit your book shelves with books

39. Organize the kids' toys in coordinated boxes

Chambre d’enfant de style  par homify,

40. Let kids be kids and make them a tepee. An old blanket and some sticks would do the trick!

41. Be creative with your television setup

42. If you have the space, create your own yoga and mediation corner

43. Use pillow cushions in dining chairs

Salle à manger de style  par homify,

44. Be creative with your divider

45. Hang your bike on a wall

Salle à manger de style  par homify,

46. A big stylish lamp is an excellent focal point in the living room

47. Use stickers to give life to your wall. It's fast, easy, and cheap

48. Do a fancy dinner setup from time to time

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