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9 modern wooden houses to inspire you to build yours

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Before you firmly decide that you want to build a wooden house, it's important to understand exactly what you could be getting into. This becomes even more pertinent if you don't have any construction experience yourself, but how do you know what questions you should be asking your architect? Well, it just so happens that we know what you should be asking, as well as the answers to those questions, so if you read on now, you can approach your architect with confidence and armed with knowledge, to make your new wooden home the best that it can be. After all, this is no shack that you're hoping to cobble together, so it needs to be exemplar!

1. Can you build anywhere?

As long as you have planning permission and a house design that has been signed off by your architect and a building regulations officer, you can build where you like. Bear in mind that you will need to own the land where you build, and certain terrains will be better suited to wooden homes than others.

2. Is wood the best material for the job?

This really depends on what you are hoping to actually build. For rustic log cabins and homes inspired by nature, then yes, wood is definitely your best bet, but if you are trying to create something hugely contemporary to sit atop a cliff, you might find you are limiting your options!

3. What advantages does building with wood offer?

Wood can be an extremely cost-effective way to build a house, not to mention fast! If you opt for a prefabricated home, which is constructed off site and transported in, you could see your home go up in a matter of days! Wood is also fabulously malleable, meaning that fancy finishes and awkward shapes are easier to tackle!

4. Can you paint a wooden house in pastel colours?

Of course! Modern wood paint and stains are far more advanced than they once were and now, you have basically any colour mixed up as specialist wood paint that is suitable for exterior spaces! Instead of standard wood colours, you can now have anything you like, including periwinkle blue!

5. Will glass work in a wooden home?

Absolutely! Think about it and you'll realise that most window frames are already made from wood, so whats the difference if the whole house is? If anything, wood is easier to work with, so any final nibbling that needs to be done to secure a perfect fit will be a piece of cake!

6. Can I build any style of house I want to?

There are a few considerations to take into account when designing any house, such as location, the style of surrounding houses, any planning limitations that are in effect and longevity of the building materials, but as long as you are acting within the confines of the law, you can build whatever you like. Try to make it something you'll love for years to come though!

7. How can I incorporate stone?

If you're asking this question then we feel sure you are building a rustic dream house! Natural stone and wood work together perfectly and a feature wall or two, or perhaps some stone-clad foundations will make for a really wonderful aesthetic! You could then match your roof tiles to the stone colour, for extra cohesion!

8. How much maintenance will I need to carry out?

Here is a potential pitfall of a wooden house; the up-keep! You will need to commit to a regular programme of maintenance which will include re-coating the outside with paint every year or so, as well as all the normal household chores, such as clearing the gutters and making sure the garden doesn't get overgrown and start growing up over it!

9. Can I create a standard looking home?

If you want to build a wooden house but with all the features that a regular home would normally have, such as gable ends, you can do that with ease. Using wood as your primary building material doesn't mean that you have to build a big shed! You can build a wonderfully luxurious family home you know!

For a little extra wooden home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 budget-friendly wooden houses you'll love.

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