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12 tropical kitchens that are perfect for Malaysian homes

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Malaysia is known around the world for its beautiful weather, lush rainforests, and magical beaches, and we think it's a great idea to take inspiration from those gorgeous surroundings and apply it to the decor of your home! We love tropical decors, the bright colours, natural materials, and vivid greenery make for rooms that feel fresh, welcoming, and fun, and there's no better room to do this than in the kitchen.

Darkness is your enemy in the kitchen, it makes the room feel dank and cold, and provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so it's important that a kitchen be bright and airy not just from a design perspective, but also to maintain a clean and healthy room. That's why tropical themes work so well, and we've got plenty of evidence to prove it! Today we're going to look at 12 wonderfully tropical kitchens that you can copy at home that will make your kitchen your favourite room in the house!

1. Hardwood floors and garden views

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen Cuisine moderne par Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Moderne MDF
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

One sure way to introduce the tropics to your kitchen is with hardwood floors that bring the natural variation in hue and texture from timber into the decor. The arrowhead pattern of these floors looks fantastic, and adds a whole new facet to the decor, making the space feel dynamic and exciting.

Another sure way to introduce the tropics is with plenty of greenery, here provided by huge windows that look out into the garden.

2. Bright colours

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula Cuisine moderne par Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Moderne MDF
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

The first thing anyone thinks of when you say the word tropical is bright vibrant colours, and they're a great addition to the kitchen. If you're concerned about overwhelming the room, or clashing colours, then a good way to approach it is to use white as the base, and then add dashes of colour bit by bit like they have here.

3. Exotic patterns

Cuisine classique par homify Classique

Using exotic patterns will give your kitchen excitement and energy, and when you use bright colours like they have with the wall decorations in this kitchen it gives the space a wonderful holiday vibe.

4. A tropical future

This kitchen looks like a space station on a far away tropical planet due to the super contemporary furniture and design that is offset by plenty of plant life, and bold red details that really bring this room to life.

5. Indoor outdoor flow

To really make the most of Malaysia's beautiful environment consider full wall sliding doors that will completely open up your kitchen to the outdoors. This is great for entertaining, as you can prepare food and drinks in the kitchen without being cut off from outside, and also ensures you can air out your kitchen to keep it fresh and clean.

6. Colonial style

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Cuisine classique par Davonport Classique Bois Effet bois

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


This room has a colonial feel due to the high timber ceiling, wooden furniture, off-white colour scheme, and magnificent tiled floor. The room feels bright and airy, with a ceiling fan to keep you feeling refreshed when the temperatures soar.

7. Limitless creativity

This is one of the most creative and interesting kitchens we've ever seen, absolutely jam packed with ideas. The shimmering tiles almost look like leather, and the speckled countertop provides texture and visual interest. Add some splashes of colour in the decorations, some wildflowers, and huge windows that look out to beautiful scenery, and you have the perfect summer kitchen!

8. Timber, wicker, and tiles

Bring the rainforest inside with timber paneling and wicker furniture. Wicker is the ultimate in tropical furniture, and works as well indoors as it does outside, so you're sure to find something that works well in your home. The tiles inject the home with colour, and the vintage drinks fridge makes this feel like a beachside cafe.

9. Summery and modern

Cuisine moderne par homify Moderne

Yellow is rarely used in home decoration, but when you see a kitchen this spectacular it makes you wonder why. The summery yellow of the breakfast bar chairs and the light shade gives this kitchen vitality, while plenty of fresh herbs will make it smell like you're wandering through a lush tropical rainforest.

10. Timber logs

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two Cuisine moderne par DUA Architecture LLP Moderne
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two

DUA Architecture LLP

You can make your home feel like a treehouse in the rainforest with heavy timber log foundations and exposed rafters.

11. Aquatic theme

Using deep aquatic blues will make your home feel like it's at the bottom of the crystal clear waters of Malaysia's magical coast.

12. A living kitchen

The easiest way to get a tropical vibe in your kitchen is to fill it with as many plants as possible, just look at this fantastic kitchen, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in the garden! The green colour palette only enhances the living decor, and the result is just stunning.

These kitchens really nail that tropical look, and look amazing for it. With so much inspiration we're sure you want to get planning right away, but first why don't you check out this fabulous tropical home!

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