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Grills and wood ovens – 7 Crazy options!

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There's a wonderful nostalgia connected to wood burning stoves and ovens, don't you think? They are a timeless addition to any home that create a rustic, homely feel wherever they are installed and we can't get enough of them! It seems that you can't either, as many of you are either reconditioning existing stoves or having new ones specially built to add a certain something to already beautiful kitchens and patios! What's really lovely is that interior designers seem to be fully on board with the prevailing trend and we are seeing such a glorious variety of styles being showcased now and we thought it might be fun to show you some really cool ones! Are you ready to start planning your own grill installation? Then let's see what other people have been commissioning!

1. Heritage harmony.

This is an amazing original feature of the home that not only heats the two hot plates on top, but more than likely also warms the household water! Perfect for a rustic kitchen, this is not only functional, but great looking too!

2. Bricked-up and beautiful!

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas Jardin méditerranéen par Design Outdoors Limited Méditerranéen
Design Outdoors Limited

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

Design Outdoors Limited

What a way to add some extra function to an already pretty patio! By building a great big garden kitchen area, you can make the most of any dry day and still get that wood-fired food taste that is so delicious! We think we even spy a pizza oven here!

3. Small but mighty.

You'd never be able to bring yourself to get rid of this lovely wood stove, would you? By adding a wooden countertop, it acts almost like a modern kitchen island in terms of adding extra preparation space, but also looks great and heats the food! Yum!

4. Workshop style.

We don't know if we would ever trust ourselves to use a standard kitchen again of we had this set-up in place in an outbuilding! The brick construction here is wonderfully simple, meaning this could be an easy DIY project!

5. A modern take on a classic.

If you like the idea of a wood stove but prefer your aesthetic a little more modern, this could be a great compromise for you! The grill here looks contemporary and cool, but is still wood-fired, making it a nod to the past as well. We love how all the bar stools are focused on it too! What a show!

6. Hidden but effective.

This charming country-style kitchen hides a big, hot secret! Behind the wooden doors, you'll find a wood stove and the only real giveaway is the integrated log store. What a great way to stay true to a house's origins, while still adding a bit of modern flair!

7. Modeled perfectly.

This might be the most rustic wood stove of them all, as the cooker and extractor have been hand-shaped out of clay and look fabulous! Can't you just smell all the spices and gorgeous aromas from here? We can and that's in no small part due to the earthy colors used to finish the stove!

For extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this article: 30 great styles for your kitchen.

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