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Firewood grills and ovens: 7 hot choices

Leigh Leigh
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It's no secret that food cooked in the heat of the fire can be that much tastier, especially if comes to meats, vegetables or even a hearty pizza. In Canada, we know just how much fun it can be to cook and share a meal over a cozy fire too!

This is why today at homify, we have put together 7 fabulous designs that will at the same time give you 7 reasons to install a grill or wood oven in your home. You won't be able to say no after reading this!

1. An indoor oven

Firewood kitchens are not necessarily just for the exteriors. They can also work really well inside, especially in winter. 

If you don't want raw brick in your home, you can also paint it, giving it a more modern and sophisticated touch. 

A design like this will truly make your kitchen the heart and soul of the home!

2. Oven with a grill for a lovely terrace space

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas Jardin méditerranéen par Design Outdoors Limited Méditerranéen
Design Outdoors Limited

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

Design Outdoors Limited

For those who like to celebrate the fresh air and sunshine, especially in the warm summer months, this is a great choice! This outdoor oven and grill, with its charming and rustic brick design, is ideal for preparing bread or pizza. It also creates a very multi-functional terrace area!

3. With an iron door

Your firewood oven doesn't have to be incredibly big, as we can see in this design by professionals Zanella Architecture

An iron door like this one is stylish but also perfect for controlling the heat. The rustic wooden top also doubles up as a work table. This is perfect for those who like a bit of a nostalgic touch.

4. A very rustic design

Use raw materials to bring a very rustic touch to your kitchen space, in the form of your firewood grill or oven. This is traditional and timeless.

Have a look at these tips for making your home raw with roar materials.

5. Ideal for serving pizzas!

Add a firewood oven to a kitchen space with a bar and some stools and you'll create your own little pizza bar. As you can see in this design, there is also a wonderful interaction between brick, wood and stone.

6. For traditional and cozy cuisine

This kitchen is a wonderful example of how a few elements can truly make for a homely space that is perfect for creating memories with family and friends.

The counter is built from concrete, which works in harmony with the tiles, brick and pine wood doors. This combination is simply charming!

7. For small houses in the city

Whether we adapt a grill or oven to the kitchen of a house, a small apartment or a terrace, we need to make these spaces charming and elegant. Adding a touch of colour can be fundamental in creating the most beautiful and functional cooking space.

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