10 ways to style your kitchen counter like a pro

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10 ways to style your kitchen counter like a pro

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
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The process of renovating a kitchen can be daunting, especially with all of the pluming and electricity hookups. It's important to hire a professional for these types of things, however, the counter decorating is 100% on you!

Cleaning, maintaining and organising kitchen countertops should be something you do often, especially if you have countertops that need maintenance like concrete, wood or granite. Once this step is complete, you're on your way to a new and fabulous countertop – but be careful, adding too much can take away from precious food prep and cooking space. We're here to help you decide how to style your kitchen counter and figure out exactly what you need!

1. Pendant lighting and a perfect colour scheme

This entire kitchen has a fantastic and cohesive colour scheme – one that most woud dream of. If this is your kitchen, make sure to keep your counters light in order to add some neutral balance!

2. White counter with grand flowers

Grand bouquets of flowers are great for large kitchen counters and dining room tabes – it adds a sense of nature nad freshness to the entire kitchen.

3. And a back counter with grand flowers

With black countertops the aforementioned tip works as well. Especially with black countertops where a fresh pop of colour might be needed. 

4. Rustic perfection

How cosy and wonderful is this kitchen? Fill your kitchen counters with baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as various herb plants to complete this look.

5. Or add a pop of colour for the counters

If you're a colourful person, then a colourful countertop might just be for you! These are also great at hiding stains and imperfections.

6. A refined, rustic kitchen

Cuisine rustique par homify Rustique Céramique

For a more refined rustic look, use exposed shelving and keep as many objects as possible off the countertops and in their respective places. 

7. Marble is always a good idea

Imagine how different this kitchen would look with any other counter top. It would still look great, but marble really sets it apart for a high-end and modern look.

8. Monochromatic with stainless steel tops

Black and white themed kitchens are some of our favourites – and this one is no exception. Simply add stainless steel, wood or concrete countertops to make your kitchen modern and efficient.

9. Simplicity in white

A Scandinavian paradise. This kitchen is small and the white countertops and cabinets are a perfect fit for the pastel colour scheme – sometimes a bowl of lemons is enough decoration.

10. Traditional and organised to perfection

Traditional, clean and organised, this kitchen has opted for dark countertops and a clean area – which should be your utmost priority.

Your kitchen should match your dining room as much as possible! If this is what you're aiming for and you have a wonderful minimal kitchen, then you should check out these minimal dining rooms as well! With the new year approaching, it's the perfect time to renovate or replan your kitchen!

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