9 quick changes for your dining room that you can do in under an hour

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9 quick changes for your dining room that you can do in under an hour

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There's nothing worse than the stress of planning a dinner party only to realise at the last moment that your dining room is nowhere near ready to host guests! Maybe the furniture is all wrong, there's not enough space for everyone, or you're simply just so over the decor you can't bare to have your guests see it. But worry no longer, because homify has your back, and we're going to show you how you can fix up your dining room in no time at all.

The dining room is an important space in the house, you want to show off your personality for guests, but you also want every one to feel comfortable and relaxed. There's all kinds of different approaches you can take with the decor, you can opt for sophisticated elegance, or a fun vibrant room full of character, either way we're going to show you how to make the most of your living room with a few simple ideas.

1. Hang some artwork

Add some elegance and class to your dining experience by hanging some fantastic artwork on the wall. Pick up some copies of your favourite pieces, or check out what the fantastic artists here at homify have on offer, and decorate your dining room like an art gallery for the ultimate in sophisticated decor.

2. Ambient lighting

There's all kinds of ways you can use lighting to completely change your perception of a space, bringing out different hues in the decor, casting moody shadows, and creating a romantic ambience. Carefully placed lamps – make sure they aren't too bright and don't shine directly in anyone's eyes – will cast a warm glow over the room without being overwhelming, while recessed lights are another subtle way to brighten up the room.

3. Incorporate a sofa

If you've realised right at the last moment that there isn't enough seating for your dinner party, then don't fret because there's a really easy solution. Incorporating a sofa into your dining table creates a casual vibe, that will put your guests at ease. 

The key to doing this on the fly is to orient your dining room around the chair rather than the other way around, because if the sofa is too bulky it will cramp the room and look awkward. You can also create a makeshift sofa by just throwing some colourful cushions on a box seat.

4. Flowers

Flowers are great because there's a different kind for every occasion. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or just add some vibrance and colour to the decor, there's a flower for you, from sumptuous red roses to snow white gardenias. 

It's also probably the quickest way to reinvigorate your dining room, it's simply a matter of cutting the stems and throwing the flowers in your favourite vase.

5. Paint the furniture

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If your decor is feeling a bit stale, or you've realised a little bit too late that your dining room has no visual unity, then it may be time to break out the paint. Painting furniture is a fun project, and you can do it in no time at all, though if you're really in a rush we suggest using spray paint and you'll be done in minutes! Choose colours that will complement the rest of the home, and then roll up your sleeves and get to it!

6. Shabby chic charm

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If you don't even really have a dining room, you'd be surprised how quickly you can throw one together, and by following the tenets of the shabby chic movement it will look like you've been planning it for months! 

Simply pick up some vintage second hand furniture, the items don't need to match, in fact it's better if they don't, and decorate the walls with a few knick knacks and ornaments, and you'll have a charming dining room that really expresses your personality.

7. An artistic centrepice

Picking up a unique sculpture or artwork to decorate your dining room table is sure way to impress your guests and have them talking about your fabulous home for weeks. This shimmering wine jug, magically suspended mid-pour, is both quirky and elegant, and is really good inspiration for the type of centrepieces we're talking about.

8. Candles

There's nothing more intimate than a candlelit dinner, so for a really special atmosphere place a few candles in a graceful candelabra, and you can be certain your dinner will be romantic and magical with no effort at all!

9. Use a tablecloth

Apart from protecting your table from spills and stains, tablecloths are a really flexible design addition to any dining room. If you have a couple of tablecloths in your possession you can change them to fit the atmosphere you're trying to create; pure white for an elegant dinner party, or bright and colourful for a kid's birthday. And the best part is, once you get bored of one style, you just yank it off the table and replace it!

It's easy to make a big difference in your decor with only a few small changes to the dining room, so don't be disheartened if you're running out of time before the guests arrive! For more helpful tips take a look at this article.

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