12 kitchen mistakes you make (and how to avoid them)

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12 kitchen mistakes you make (and how to avoid them)

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We all make mistakes, especially in the kitchen; where food can be flying from one end of the room to the other, accidents happen and you bump into everything. There's also a whole range of things that can go wrong with the interior design of your kitchen that range from the shades of paint differing the tiniest bit to realising that the materials are a poor quality.

1. Forgetting the floor

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Sometime when we think about designing the kitchen, we forget about the flooring. We consider everything else – the cupboards, the units, the tiling, the appliances – but not often do we look down and remember to think about the floor! It can make all the difference in any room, and the kitchen is a key part of the home.

2. Clashing colour shades

You know what we mean; when you've run out of paint and you dash to the hardware store only to come back with a slightly different shade to the colour you were using before. This can set things askew, so prepare in advance.

3. Forgetting the ceiling

Remember what we said about the floor? Well, the same applies to the ceiling. Look up and give it a careful thought! 

4. Design for convenience

It's the simple things that make a kitchen your kitchen, so design with your convenience in mind. For example, install a utensils rack so you can easily reach them when you need them.

5. The kitchen island

There are some times when we think of the kitchen island as an afterthought, and try to add it in after everything else is perfect. This leads to awkward space management and ultimately your discomfort! Gt everything down on paper before you do anything and consult friends and family.

6. Give thought to the materials

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The materials you use will always be important to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Whether you're a modern style lover or one for the minimal side of things, the material is key. Using natural materials such as marble, stone and wood can have a dramatic effect, whereas man-made materials can be more convenient, as well as cheaper.

7. Not giving thought to who will use it

It sounds obvious, but we have seen some kitchens that don't spare a thought for the amount of people who use it. Plan the space and appliances for its use; from large families to couples' apartments, this needs to be done.

8. Not splashing some personality in the room

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If you think that you don't need to put a personal stamp on your kitchen design, you're wrong. How would you be able to tell that it's yours? Whether it's a splash of colour or a sense of humour, make sure to put some personality in the room.

9. Shoddy tiling

When you have tiles in your kitchen design, make sure you execute them correctly. You don't want wonky tiles and crumbling walls in your home!

10. Skipping the shelving

Make sure you don't forget the all-important element of shelving when considering your kitchen. Don't let it be an afterthought! Shelves are lifesavers – they should be built into every room, but unfortunately they are installed as an extra. 

11. Underestimating minimalism

Never underestimate the power of minimalism. Keeping your home minimalist can save you lots of time, hassle and money. Only stock the essentials, and make sure you have lots of storage space to keep things out of sight. Having a basic, clean and clear kitchen can make you feel so much better.

12. Leaving a mess

Clean as you go! This should be number 1 on everybody's list. Never leave a mess – it will just become an even bigger mess the next time you come to it. 

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