10 easy steps to a better household budget

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10 easy steps to a better household budget

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
kitchen ​custom-made Cuisine rustique par edictum - UNIKAT MOBILIAR Rustique
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A household budget is typically a concept that is discussed but never properly implemented. It's stressful, it takes time and you have to tend to matters that might be hard to bear. There are plenty of ways to live in a budget-friendly manner – and without giving up your favourite items or skipping on those annual shopping trips. 

Below, we have all the advice you need on how to make sure your entire family (and interior design) maintain a proper budget. You might be surprised that some of the items mean spending more up front, but every option on this list is looking for cost-saving in the long term, not the short term. So read this list, sit down and get a better perspective on a new way to live!

1. Decorate with used items

Flea markets, antique markets and second-time-around stores are all perfect places to look for unique furnishings and accessories on a budget. Invest in larger pieces that will last a while – dining room sets, couches, coffee tables, etc; but for smaller accent furnishings, stick to budget.

2. Invest in eco-friendly appliances

Eco-friendly appliances might cost a lot upfront, but overtime the money you will inevitably save with these products is fantastic. So take the dive, we promise it'll be better in the long run.

3. More windows, less artificial light

Open those windows and remove the gaudy, thick curtains. Cutting down on turning lights on will save a ton in areas where energy can be quite expensive. 

4. Maintain a clean environment

If you have a stric budget, then you should also help yourself a make a strict cleaning schedule. A clean and organised home is one where clutter isn't needed and you'll think twice before purchasing unnecessary items.

5. Reuse glass for kitchen storage & baking spices

kitchen ​custom-made Cuisine rustique par edictum - UNIKAT MOBILIAR Rustique

kitchen ​custom-made


Any jars that food or other items might come in, make sure to reuse them for baking ingredients and spices (even pasta) or recycle them. Look how great clear glass jars look on this kitchen shelf!

6. Chooose rugs over carpet

Cuisine rurale par homify Rural

If your feet are colder in the winter on laminate or wood floors, don't invest in under-floor heating or carpeting the whole house. Simply add area rugs where you tend to stand the most.

7. Grow your own indoor herb & vegetable garden

Herbs and vegetables can be expensive in the off-season – look to indoor gardening techniques to save you and your family a ton of money.

8. Sit down and plan monthly expenditures & budgets

Make time to sit down and make a strict expenditure and budget plan. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail is what we like to say!

9. Rent out your atttic space

Additional home areas that aren't used are one way that homeowners like to bring in extra income. If you have a fanatic (up to code and livable) basement or attic space, rent it out! This can bring in a lot of additional extra cash!

10. Choose natural heating over central

Lastly, respect the old when it comes to home heating. Clean out your fireplace annually and keep it going for heating up your home in the winter to cut down on energy costs. Of course, check out what's more expensive in your area. In some regions, gas is more exenspive than electricity, in other places it's switched around. 

A happy family home is one that remains within its means – there are plenty more ways to make sure you're living within your budget and homify can help with this issue too!

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