The wintry lodge that gives you a warm welcome

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The wintry lodge that gives you a warm welcome

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Couloir, entrée, escaliers modernes par Mood Interieur Moderne
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Hidden in the snowy mountains of Switzerland is this gorgeous lodge, outfitted with simple, natural style. It combines natural materials of wood, stone, and fur, with modern shapes and furniture, for a comforting home on the slopes. The interior designers, Mood Interieur, certainly gave this home a quiet and warm mood. Let's take a tour! 

Winter Wonderland

Those balconies aren't just covered in snow--they're also white. To ground the white exterior the architects have blended in some dazzling wood, giving the structure a natural cabin look. 


The open concept space allows the various natural materials to blend with each other, for an overall textured and interesting look. The brick partial wall, with modern fireplace and TV, anchors the open space. The fur rug is a wonderful addition, luxurious but not ostentatious in a simple white. 

Living Space

The mainly light and textured materials are balanced perfectly in this space with the rich, soft seating and carpet. Overall, bright colours have been avoided to keep the space natural. The wood table and the pottery are easily the stars of the show, with their phenomenal textures!  

Dining Room

It's unusual to have a large window facing the table, but it adds some amazing natural light to the bright space. Things are a little bolder in this space, with a metallic light fixture and a piece of modern art. But, overall, emphasis has been kept on natural materials in creamy, neutral tones. 


Here's some more modern art, this time with a colourful twist! Otherwise the hall is kept clear, making the dramatic staircase the focal point. It has two key features that you should consider for your own staircase: glass railings and lighted steps. The lights are just practical, though they happen to beautiful too. The glass railing helps to make small spaces seem larger, this hallway is a great example. 


Wouldn't you love to roll out of bed on a cold morning to step foot in that fluffy rug? The quilt on the end of the bed looks soft too, and it adds a spot of subtle colour to the room. The log bedside stand is a logical choice for the space too, adding the woodsy feel from the rest of the home into the space. For more Scandinavian style bedrooms look at our gallery here


The bathroom looks surprisingly warm, covered in a creamy tile for practicality and style. The simple fixtures look modern, and child friendly too! 

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