A jaw-dropping small apartment

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A jaw-dropping small apartment

Leigh Leigh
Petit Nid Parisien: Terrasse de style  par Marion Rocher
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Today, we are going to prove to you than dynamite certainly comes in small packages.

This jaw-dropping small apartment in Paris, designed by professionals Marion Rocher is a wonderful example of how with a bit of innovation and a lot of creativity, less can be so much more. 

As we explore this home, we will find that it's all about working with the space available to you to create a functional home that is still stylish and trendy. We will also find that if you do it right, you can even have a gorgeous outdoor area to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

So what are you waiting for? Let's take a look!

The stunning living area

Salon - vue sur terrasse: Salon de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Salon – vue sur terrasse

Marion Rocher

From the get go, we can see that this home features an eclectic mix of the old and the new.

The rustic and raw wooden ceiling beams contrast directly with the smooth wooden floors, while the pale grey walls bring in a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Immediately we can see that the interior space receives lots of natural light thanks to the large glass windows interspersed throughout. You'll notice that they don't have any blinds or curtains on them, which allows that much more light to flow in. If you aren't worried about neighbors being able to see in your home, this is a great tip!

The neutral colour palette of light wood and greys make for a very appealing interior design, enhanced by the natural light in this space.

Smart spaces

Vue d'ensemble: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Vue d'ensemble

Marion Rocher

Because there isn't that much space available in the home, the designers have made the most of the vertical area by building an upstairs mezzanine level or loft. This is a great design trick for a small home or apartment! It creates a whole new room without taking up an inch of floor space. 

An open plan design allows the kitchen, living room and dining room to flow into one another, which makes the home seem that much bigger. Remember that if you have a small home, you don't want to constrict spaces by using walls to separate spaces. 

The areas are separated however, but very smartly and subtly! The different floors keep the areas separate, dividing up the living area according to function.

The living area is thus very spacious and interactive, which is perfect for a single person or a couple!

The savvy kitchen

Coin cuisine: Cuisine de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Coin cuisine

Marion Rocher

The kitchen has more than enough space for whipping up a feast, despite the limited space.

The designers have opted for slighter darker tones in this area, including patterned grey and black tiles, grey cabinets, shelves and cupboards and sleek black counter tops. 

The minimalist design in this area of the home is very appealing, keeping the counter tops clear of any clutter or chaos. This has been achieved by ensuring there is plenty of storage space in the area, including long shelves across the wall as well as cupboards under the counter top.

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

A touch of colour

Coin bibliothèque: Salon de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Coin bibliothèque

Marion Rocher

If we explore the living space a little bit closer, we can see how some bright and colourful cushions as well as decor accessories add character and charm to the space. Remember that even if you have a small home, you want it to reflect your personality. Don't be afraid to add artwork or decor items that really speak to who you are.

You'll also notice that niches have been included in the wall, allowing books, decor items and accessories to be put on display without taking up too much space. A little lamp also adds some beautiful ambiance and mood to the room!

Tip: Have some fun with your shelves or storage space, using it to bring some quirky shapes or patterns to the home.

The loft space

Espace nuit en mezzanine: Chambre de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Espace nuit en mezzanine

Marion Rocher

The mezzanine level has been utilized for a cozy little bedroom, complete with a double bed and a gorgeous lamp on the wall, which gives this room a beautiful, soft glow.

A shelf along the back wall has been created where books and personal items can be stored too – a very savvy storage solution!

A skylight has been installed in the ceiling, which opens this room up and allows natural light to flow through it. Skylights are a wonderful way to add natural light to a home so don't underestimate them!

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The sleek bathroom

Salle de bain: Salle de bains de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Salle de bain

Marion Rocher

The bathroom is one of our favorite rooms in the house with sleek black and white tiles that pack quite a punch! Do you see how if you have a very naturally light home, you can afford to have some darker tones in the colour palette?

There is also plenty of storage space in the bathroom, maintaining a sleek and minimalist environment that is perfect before you start your day. 

The outdoor space

Terrasse végétalisée: Terrasse de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Terrasse végétalisée

Marion Rocher

This home has been so carefully designed that it even features a little terrace area! Usually little terraces or balconies like this  are used for storage space, but here we can see how much potential it holds!

The designers have put AstroTurf on the floors, which creates a very green and refreshing outdoor space while the plants inject the space with some natural beauty.

The bright pink and purple table sand chairs add a gorgeous retro touch to the space, truly creating a little outdoor haven where the residents can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Have a look at these 6 decor ideas for small terraces for more inspiration!

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