12 little kitchens you'll fall in love with

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12 little kitchens you'll fall in love with

Leigh Leigh
Cuisine moderne par Capital Kitchens cc Moderne
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The kitchen is truly the heart and soul of the home, which is why you want it to look smart and savvy while still remaining as functional as possible.

Today, we are going to learn that a smaller kitchen doesn't mean compromising on style or practicality. In fact, at homify, we have put together 12 little kitchens that you are going to fall in love with today. These are all designs from top professionals from around the world and are proof that with a little bit of innovation and creativity, you can have the most trendy kitchen on the block.

Remember that your kitchen is the area where you spend most of your time with family and friends, whipping up delicious feasts, catching up over cups of coffee or even just sharing a bowl of cereal. You want it to look beautiful and cosy!

Let's take a look at these innovative designs and see just how we can create gorgeous and stylish little kitchens.

Are you ready to fall in love?

1. The country-style kitchen

Cuisine rustique par homify Rustique Céramique

This little kitchen features several shades of grey, which are paired with light, wooden kitchen counter tops and shelves. This makes for a stylish, country design that is as charming as it is subtle.

2. Interconnected spaces

In order to make a kitchen seem that much more spacious and expansive, opt for an open plan design where the kitchen, dining room and living area flow into one another.

Also opt for clean, white tones, which will make the kitchen seem more light and bright and thus that much bigger.

3. Industrial chic

Cuisine rurale par homify Rural

Introduce different textures and tones into your kitchen by adopting an industrial-chic look and feel. Opt for an exposed brick wall, like the designers have done here. Do you see how beautifully it contrasts with the smooth surfaces?

4. Or add stone to the kitchen

In this image, we can see how stone cladding also adds an earthy look and feel to the kitchen space, breaking up the textures and tones. 

Have a look at these tips for making your home roar with roar materials.

5. Bold colours

If you want to draw attention away from the size of your kitchen, opt for bright and bold colours in your kitchen that give it some refreshing energy and vitality. Do you see how well yellow works in the kitchen space?

6. A kitchen bar

Subtly separate your kitchen from the rest of the living space by installing a breakfast bar in this area. This will not only give your kitchen extra storage space as well as extra surface space, but it will give you a more casual meeting area where you can catch up with family and friends.

7. White and black tones

This black and white kitchen shows just how striking and appealing these tones can look when used together. 

Have a look at these 10 black and white kitchens for more inspiration!

8. It's all about the lighting

If you have a smaller kitchen, make sure that it gets plenty of natural light. Opt for large glass windows and doors as well as skylights if possible.

You should also invest in some drop down lamps, giving your kitchen area a lovely soft glow in the evenings.

9. White with a touch of red and green

Some plants or flowers can add truly enhance your kitchen, connecting it with nature. It also creates a wonderful balance between more natural and rustic tones and very modern and contemporary designs. 

10. Do something gorgeous with the walls

If you really want to distract from the size of the kitchen, do something creative and innovative with the walls. The designers have painted these walls black, which has turned it into a blackboard. This is a great tool for writing down recipes, shopping lists or even your favourite inspirational quotes!

11. An outdoor kitchen

If you don't have too much space inside your home, why not build an outdoor kitchen?

Especially in the hot South African summers, an outdoor kitchen can create the most beautiful outdoor area for socialising and eating delicious meals with friends and family.

Have a look at these: 7 clever and cool ideas for outdoor kitchens.

12. Opt for granite

Granite is a wonderful material for the kitchen, creating an elegant and sophisticated environment that is truly timeless.

Have a look at these innovative kitchen designs and trends for more inspiration!

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