14 easy ways to have a modern kitchen

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14 easy ways to have a modern kitchen

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 de style  par Archidé SA interior design, Moderne
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It's easier than you think to get a modern, functional kitchen with oodles of sophistication and some well-thought-out style tweaks. To prove our point, we've collated some of our favourite modern kitchen ideas to help you put together a state-of-the-art cooking space with plenty of elegance and functionality. Read on for some seriously handy ways to turn your kitchen into an ultra-chic one!

1. Be choosy

Pick your materials with plenty of care. This way, you have counters and tiles that can withstand high temperatures, and will wear well.

2. Use ceramics for a smooth finish

Cuisine de style  par Engel & Völkers Bodrum, Moderne
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Use ceramics for a smooth matte finish and to prevent too many glossy surfaces. Keeping practicality in mind, go for finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

3. Small is big

Make your space appear larger by using smaller appliances, allowing the room to open up for you and your family! This will also keep the area clutter free.

4. Corner piece

Cuisine de style  par homify, Moderne

Use an empty and under-utilised corner of your home to create a neat nook with plenty of vibrant touches. This is the perfect modern kitchen!

5. Combine the bar and the kitchen

 de style  par homify, Moderne

Get a bar and kitchen in one smooth move by making use of shelves above your appliances. Mix drinks while you cook and seriously impress your guests!

6. Practical touches

Glass is a wonderful material that is also easy to clean and maintain. Use it for glossy good looks where the stains show up instantly, allowing you to clean it up just as quickly.

7. Let your creativity shine

Cuisine de style  par homify, Moderne

Pick lamps and other quirky accessories to make a statement both creative and memorable. Take your cue from this kitchen designed by the architects at CHRIS SILVEIRA & ARQUITETOS ASSOCIADOS.

8. Modern appliances

Use modern appliances to make your life easier, prioritising functionality in your stylish cooking space.

9. Steel hood

Install a steel hood over your stove top to absorb all cooking odours, rather than letting them spread throughout the home.

10. Wooden extensions

Cuisine de style  par Schmidt Palmers Green, Scandinave
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

Pull-out extensions will save space, providing an extra counter area when you need more space to whip up some culinary magic!

11. Organise with drawers

Create plenty of drawers to keep your spoons, vessels, jars and other objects organised.

12. Dramatic material

Use materials like granite and steel to make a truly king-sized statement in your space. Add unique lighting to highlight their textures and sleek good looks.

13. Cosy warmth

Create a warm vibe even in a small kitchen, with plenty of homely touches and a cozy set-up or layout. This will draw people in and keep them together around your counters and table.

14. Add a personal touch

Cuisine de style  par homify, Moderne

Use personal items like lamps and crockery, as well as books and other items, to make the kitchen a personal space where you can express yourself.

In the mood for more kitchen inspiration? Us too! Check out: 7 ideas to upgrade your kitchen on a budget.

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