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A couple's perfect wedding present home

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Today on homify we’re heading to the island nation of Japan to check out a truly intriguing and stylish feature dwelling. Boasting an open plan interior and a sense of continuity between the interior and exterior, this house is sure to impress, as it blurs the distinction between the structure and its gardens. Built for a couple on their wedding day, this structure holds more than simply its more perfunctory objectives. It’s awash with memories, and is a foundation for the pair to build their life and their family. For this reason it is modern, versatile and practically designed to suit a changeable set of needs and demands.

Natural, neutral and easy-going, the sophisticated residence also takes into account the climate that it is situated within. Light and airy, the connectivity with the exterior helps fill the interior with a fresh and renewed ambience. Fantastically modern, the home also embraces traditional Japanese methods of construction, such as shoji screens and Zen-inspired landscaping.

If this property has piqued your interest, come with us and take a tour below…

Embracing the natural environment

As we first take a peek at this dwelling, we see from the rear of the home that is has utilised the exterior garden in a thoroughly enchanting and versatile way. Unlike many properties that keep the indoor-outdoor regions separate, this design has chosen to embrace its landscaping, with an open exterior. 

The rear portion of the house can be opened up almost entirely to the freshly laid turf, adding a sense of cohesion and unity with the organic landscape. 

From this vantage we are also able to see the upper storey of the house, which juts out from the hip roof. As well as offering a great view of the surrounding neighbourhood, this upper floor also boasts a small terrace, which is excellently located to take in the panoramic vistas. 

A Zen entrance

As we approach the entrance we see the Zen-like landscape that has been created. A rich and engaging design, it is a combination of timber hues, sturdy concrete and lush foliage. These three elements work in tandem to invite visitors and guests inside seamlessly. Completely covered to offer shade and protection from the rain, this inspiring entry is truly an exciting first glimpse inside the home. 

Living artwork

Within the first room we see, the architects have included a large glazed opening. This functions much like a moving and living artwork for the space, enhancing its connectedness with nature, and bringing in ample natural illumination. 

At one with nature

Moving in closer to the living room, we're able to see the way the designers have opted for large sliding doors. This choice has proven quite advantageous, as the dwelling is offered a fresh feeling of rejuvenation, while also some more practical aspects. 

Open plan, this is the ideal home for the entertainer! Replete with lovely manicured outdoor spaces and huge unimpeded interior areas, we adore the sense of freedom and timelessness that this affords. It's fairly easy to see many parties and events being thrown at this house, while it similarly lends itself to quiet and restful moments of reflection. 

Traditional elements of Japanese architecture and design

Within this room, we see again that the dwelling can be opened up to the world outside, but in this instance the designers have opted for something a little more traditional. Shoji screens separate the tatami room from the timber hallway beyond, leaving a sense of heritage and history within the space. The tatami are laid in a traditional manner, fitting together like Tetris pieces, while the single light fitting is elegant and simple.

Contemporary cooking

For a closer look at the cooking areas we head straight back into the kitchen. Delightfully modern, with all of the necessary contemporary amenities, this single all-in-one island is a perfectly simple space that offers style and beauty. 

To the right of the kitchen the timber staircase also makes a statement, with its cut-out wooden stairs that appear more artwork than practical way to ascend between floors.

The spa-esque bathroom retreat

Finally, we take a peek inside the bathroom. Here the aura and atmosphere is one of relaxation, with subtle amber hues, and small windows to let in natural light. The bathing room with traditional spa is located behind the glass door, where the vaulted timber clad ceiling is ideal for steaming oneself, and shirking the stressors of a busy or hectic day. 

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