21 wardrobe ideas you can easily copy in a weekend

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21 wardrobe ideas you can easily copy in a weekend

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If your wardrobe has seen better days and could do with a revamp, what would you say to a little burst of cool closet inspiration? Well, that's exactly what we've got for you today, in the form of 21 wow-factor wardrobes that have great ideas you can pinch. Seriously, you won't get in trouble for copying these! 

While your bedroom is normally the room that hosts most of your prancing  and preening, it's your that wardrobe does all the hard work of keeping your clothes safe and ready to wear, so shouldn't we show it a little love with some interior designer-inspired upgrades?

We think so, so let's get to it!

1. Simplicity can be key

So fit a closet into an existing wall niche for a built-in look.

2. Be creative with a dead space

Such as a loft cupboard. It could be an amazing closet!

3. Corners aren't much use really

But you can turn them into super wardrobes that give your clothes some breathing space.

4. How about treating your wardrobe to some organising boxes?

Now, that's a neat idea.

5. A separate space for shoes is a must

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London Dressing moderne par HollandGreen Moderne

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


Especially if you're something of a collector! The last thing you want is a prized stiletto making a kebab out of an evening gown.

6. How about converting a spare room into a walk-in wardrobe?

A bit extravagant? Possibly. Blissful? Definitely!

7. A sneaky wardrobe and dressing area

A multifunctional TV wall in your bedroom could hide it behind.

8. Adding new sliding doors

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agence MGA architecte DPLG

Maison agrandie et rénovée de tous cotés

agence MGA architecte DPLG

If your existing wardrobe is doing a grand job, why not upgrade it by adding new doors? What a difference they'll make.

9. Just get organised

Dressing verrière Dressing moderne par Lise Compain Moderne
Lise Compain

Dressing verrière

Lise Compain

It might seem obvious but organising your wardrobe well will get the most from it. Various heights of hanging rails, for example, really do help!

10. Get the boys in on the wardrobe action

By installing a dark wood version just for them. Tell them Batman has one just like it!

11. High shelving and ladders

Chambre scandinave par J Scandinave

A fantastic alternative to a wardrobe when you simply don't have room for one. It'll be like living in Gap!

12. Hidden behind curtains

Chambre industrielle par CO:interior Industriel

We love this joyful closet hidden behind sumptuous curtains. What a stylish way to keep the mess hidden and your clothes well cared for.

13. Add glazed doors

Chambre moderne par dsgnduo Moderne

To prevent a huge wardrobe shrinking your bedroom too much, add glazed doors.

14. Simple minimalism never fails

So neutral-coloured sliding doors should always be considered.

15. Let's be open-fronted

Not everybody wants to hide their garments away, so an open-fronted design could be perfect, if you're tidy enough for one!

16. Mirrored wardrobe doors

Perfect for small rooms as they make the space appear far bigger, whilst also adding a touch of glamour to your clothes storage!

17. Vintage-style wardrobes

How about adding some gold accents to really up the wow factor?

18. Fresh and modern

Dressing original par Deu i Deu Éclectique

Plenty of light and air keeps this walk-in wardrobe feeling super fresh and modern. Have you got a room with a view to convert?

19. Add wallpaper to the outside of the doors

Couloir, entrée, escaliers classiques par homify Classique

A fast and easy way to upgrade your wardrobe and there are some amazing designs to choose from now.

20. Add a couple of matching bureaus

If you have the space, this will make your wardrobe look like part of a high-end set.

21. Go simple

Hang or fold your clothes for a space-savvy option.

For even more wardrobe inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 stylish walk-in wardrobes.

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