Wall design: 10 ideas to try at home

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Wall design: 10 ideas to try at home

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If you don't want your home interior to be a medley of standard wall finishes, we are here to inspire your creativity! By looking at some of the most adventurous and stylish interior designer-led home projects out there, we have identified some truly amazing ways that you can jazz up your spaces, so come with us now as we tell you all about them and show you some fantastic examples!

1. Eye-catching wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a classic way to up the style stakes of your walls and with all the paste-the-wall technology out there now, you can make a huge difference in a few minutes! The bolder, the better, we say and this vertical striped example really does look phenomenal, don't you think?

2. Industrial flavor.

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Aerated blocks are being used for far more than just ventilation these days, as eagle-eyed designers spotted potential for them to be used as a stylish interior wall alternative. We get it, having seen this beautiful dining room and you can even paint them too!

3. Stone and plants.

Where do we even start with this amazing conservatory wall? The stone element is mind-blowing, the citrus paint looks great and there's the added bonus of hanging baskets, chock full of vibrant plants too! This really is the perfect garden room and these walls are going to be hard to beat!

4. Feature tiles.

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Even your bathroom walls can get a serious style injection, with some fabulous tiles that will be able to withstand the moisture they'll encounter on a daily basis! These spotty ones have us all in a tizz, but with so many variations out there now, whatever you love, we're sure you'll find a tile that matches.

5. Hand-painted murals.

If you have an artist in the household, why not put those skills to good use and have a totally unique mural painted on some of your vast surfaces? If nothing else, you'd know that nobody else had exactly the same room as you and you could choose a theme that you really love, rather than compromising.

6. Vibrant color and opulent mirrors.

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A real match made in heaven, neon bright wall paint and over sized mirrors make easy work of upgrading formerly boring walls! In a bedroom, we can imagine this looking particularly fabulous, or if you're more adventurous, how about something like this for your hallway?

7. Chalkboard paint.

A huge favorite right now in interior design circles, chalkboard paint makes every wall a canvas and opens up your home to free expression, easy list-making and effective communication! We love the idea of everyone having their own color of chalk, so you know who has drawn what!

8. Detailed wall decals.

Thanks to the fact that they leave no damage when you remove them, wall decals are an effective, quick and simple way to add new life to your walls that won't require any artistic talent on your part! This mandala is amazing and you could definitely have something like this custom made for you!

9. Planted perfection.

How's this for encapsulating two trends in one? The geometric planters themselves allude to the shape-driven fashion that is so hot right now, but then the plants are a steadfast classic that all interior designers use to make walls look a little more tactile and fun. We love the fading layout here the most though!

10. Built-in wine racks.

Here's one for all the oenophiles out there! We mean wine enthusiasts, of course! If you have a burgeoning collection of fine wines, it makes sense to give them somewhere to live! Custom wine racks that fit your walls are a great idea and are more than just practical, as they look outrageously impressive too! Wow!

For more funky wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 Home Office Walls Ideas.

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