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homify guide: How to create a romantic bedroom

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Romance: everybody wants it, everybody's looking for it, and every one ought to experience as much of it humanly possible. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to experience romance, and while a date at a fine restaurant overlooking the shimmering waterline of a tropical beach would do nicely, there are far more immediate, achievable and lasting ways to experience romance in our lives. Here's a hint: it's all about the bedroom and how you use decoration to set the mood. True, lasting romance begins at home, and it starts with the boudoir. Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is by far the most private, personal and intimate, so it makes sense that deck out your bedroom using a little romantic nous and know-how, you're in for a truly warm, inviting and effortlessly relaxing romantic space. 

Looking to inject a little extra romance into your intimate space? Today on homify, we're bringing the romance back to the bedroom: the kind of romance that lasts.

Luxury bed

Engel & Völkers Bodrum Engel & Völkers Bodrum Chambre moderne
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

What better place to start injecting a fresh dose of bedroom romance than by the bed itself? The bed is possibly the most fundamental piece of furniture you can own, plus it gives the bedroom its namesake. Having a good bed is an absolute necessity to a relaxed and romantic bedroom – and by good bed, we mean something with a hint of luxury. 

Take a look at this fine example: a four poster bed frame fit for a king or queen, dressed with elegant lace curtain drapes (resting upon a floor of marble, no less). The frame exudes a sense of romance, while the bed itself: emperor sized, cushy and comfortable, elevates the romance to a new level, replete with a more than adequate collection of soft pillows and a soft, downy duvet. Romantic is one of many wonderful things you'll feel when sleeping on a bed this magical.


For an extra hint of effortless romance in your bedroom, consider the inclusion of a delightfully chic chaise loungue. Say that word out loud: 'chaise' – with its French allure, the name itself can't help but sound tremendously romantic. Indeed, the chaise loungue – an upholstered sofa in the shape of an elongated chair – is every bit as French (and romantic) as it sounds. In French, the term refers to any long reclining chair; it's English translation: literally 'long chair'. Yet it's not the length of the chaise that gives then its classic sense of romance, but the fine materials and workmanship that typically go into them. 

As you can see here in this fine example, a well crafted chaise really adds a sense of delicate and romantic depth to the bedroom space. And while we wax all Parisian romantic here about the chaise, it should be mentioned that it doesn't claim its roots in Paris – the part daybed, part chair design is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt. Whatever the case, when it comes making a bedroom look even more romantic, it works wonders.

Pretty dressing table

Nellie dressing table Loaf DressingAccessoires & décorations Bois Effet bois

Nellie dressing table


A dressing table is evocative of all that is romantic and fanciful. These simple tables come in many different shapes and sizes, and add a little elegance to any boudoir. 

In this example we are given a glimpse into a fairytale. The gorgeous timber piece of furniture exudes a sense of whimsicality, and works wonderfully to create magic within the room. In its French provincial styling, the table is able to transform the room, adding a chic grace to the space. 

Mood lighting

Lighting – one of the single most 'make or break' factors when designing any domestic space, but of particular note within the bedroom. With the right light spaces truly shine (pardon the pun), and with the wrong light they truly disappear! Ensure your bedroom is fit for a relaxing and romantic rendezvous with the right lighting choice. 

Choose a stylish table lamp, floor lamp, or hanging fitting to add character and charm to your room. For the romance, you will want to choose a low wattage that adds a feeling of relaxation and restfulness. Additionally, always choose a light with a soft warm glow, and avoid the blue-fluoro hues for best results. Lighting can also become quite a tricky thing to undertake on your own, consult a professional if you need a helping hand!

Wall colours

homify Chambre moderne

Red, is there any other colour that is more expressive than the rich and radical shade of vermilion? We don't think so. Red is the symbol of romance, from red-foil covered love heart chocolates, to the heart itself, red is almost always the iconic hue to choose when wanting to express emotion. So it makes sense that is would make a brilliant wall colour!

Wall colour is one of the most influential and easiest ways to change the atmosphere of a bedroom. A new wall colour needn't mean a whole need set of furniture either, you may find that a simple feature wall will add style and romance to the space. 

Here in this example we see a striking red hue, which is undoubtedly the true colour of love. The added light fitting is stunning, and imparts a feeling of utter indulgence and luxury. 

Add some soft furnishings

The last point on our list is an important one! Soft furnishings include sofas, chairs, ottomans, and more. Not only will the addition of these pieces add a gorgeous romantic vibe to your space, they will provide practical comfort. Choose heritage style pieces such as the navy sofa shown here and pair it with a tufted ottoman to create a true sense of luxury. 

finally, add a chandelier to give a beautiful luxurious ambience, and watch your space transform from dull to dramatic!

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