21 entry paths you can make in one weekend

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21 entry paths you can make in one weekend

Izelle du Pisanie Izelle du Pisanie
Garage / Hangar de style  par Plena Madeiras Nobres,
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We all know that first impressions last, and that the facade and exterior of your home are very important considerations in ensuring that said first impressions of your own home is very good. There is a lot to be said for the use of materials in your home's facade, the colour scheme and presentation. These are all factors that should be evaluated with the architectural design of the house. 

What then, can be done to improve the outward appearance of your home once things have been proverbially set in stone? The garden immediately jumps to mind, and there are, of course, a multitude of solutions you can undertake to improve this feature. 

One consideration, which forms part of the garden, but which is an independent element of your property, is the entry path to your house. It can hugely contribute to a successful exterior design, or destroy it in the case of poor or lacking features. Today then, we have compiled a list of 21 successful ones just for you. Take a look and be inspired!

1. Diagonally detached

These deck stepping sections are elegant and modern.

2. Simple squares

Placing a few parallel lines of stone tiles will take you no time at all. 

3. Fill the space

Jardin de style  par Earth Designs,
Earth Designs

Sandstone, Slate and aggregate path and paving

Earth Designs

Following the previous suggestion, you can als fill up the surrounding negative spac with gravel for a more coherent look. 

4. Unitied

Jardin de style  par JULIAN HUNTER ARCHITECTS,

Path leading to office.


If you're looking for something more solid, try this stone mosaic with cenment to keep it together. 

5. Railway wood

The repurpose solution is both aesthetically and environmentally pleasing.

6. Clean and streamlined

These black stone slabs look very sophisticated on the white gravel. Cute pool in the background too!

7. A fun pattern

Jardin de style  par Zen Ambient,

No one said your entry path should be traditional!

8. Zen

For some oriental-inspired beauty, try a look like this. 

9. In bloom

Adding flower beds along a simple path will instantly increase its appeal. 

10. Deck and stone

Consider combining materials for contrast and variation. 

11. Sink into grass

Although you will probably not get this effect over the weekend, you can easily just place your stone slabs and let the grass fill in the gaps over time. 

12. Greys and gravel

This monochromatic scheme which is similar in tne will create an elegant ensemble. 

13. Colour blocks

Larger segments of tiles in different tones can create this interesting patchwork-effect. 

14. Simplest

Just lay down some logs for structure and let nature do the rest. 

15. Curves and radials

Jardin de style  par Yorkshire Gardens,
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

Make your path more shapely with circular motions and curved lines.

16. Traversing terrain

Jardin de style  par Yorkshire Gardens,
Yorkshire Gardens

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials

Yorkshire Gardens

A continuous entry path through different sections of your garden will create uniformity and a pleasing visual effect. 

17. Levels

Jardin de style  par Yorkshire Gardens,
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

If you find yourself on a slope, a tiered entry path will work wonders. 

18. Artificial turf

Jardin de style  par Permeable Paving Solutions UK,
Permeable Paving Solutions UK

Resin bound paving installed over a concrete path creating more attractive surface.

Permeable Paving Solutions UK

Don't discount artificial materials, which are softer and safer should there be an accident. 

19. Into the jungle

Jardin de style  par object architecture,
object architecture

view to koi pond

object architecture

An entryway surrounded by lush vegetation on all sides will attract any visitor. 

20. Pergolas

Jardin de style  par KSR Architects,
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Compton Avenue | Garden path

KSR Architects

It's not only the groundwork that counts, but pergolas over your walkway can be a beautiful addition. 

21. Just gravel will do

Garage / Hangar de style  par Garden Affairs Ltd,
Garden Affairs Ltd

Suffolk Garden Store and Shelter

Garden Affairs Ltd

We end off our list with the simplest of all solutions – just a path of gravel. Easy but effective. 

We hope that you found more than enough inspiration to create your own entry path this weekend, and while you're at it, move on inside the home and start planning the: Perfect entrance hall.

Maison de Village : Maisons de style  par Lautrefabrique ,

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