10 Ideas for small space gardening in your home

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10 Ideas for small space gardening in your home

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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Greenery does a lot more than just being a pretty accessory in a home. Some plants help to purify the air, others mildly scent the surroundings, and some are so pleasing to look at that they lift one’s spirits! By choosing the right type of plants or using them to decorate an area, you can blend the beauty and functionality that plants bring to a home.

This ideabook presents 10 ways you can use plants to give your home a stylish makeover.

1. ​Live in the jungle

If you can’t build a house in the jungle, why not recreate one in the middle of your home? Design your house so that it wraps around an existing tree, or plant a tree in an inner courtyard and watch it grow. It’s a perfect idea for a daily escape from the chaos of the city.

2. ​Grow herbs in the kitchen

Pots of fresh green herbs on the shelves not only make the kitchen beautiful, but also provide easy access to flavours when you are cooking. The delightful aroma of rosemary, thyme and oregano will additionally help to keep pests at bay.

3. ​Breathe easy

When you live in an urban area that is prone to air pollution, protect the quality of your indoor air by growing plants that absorb the pollutants to keep your air safe. This is also a good idea for cleansing the air in the smokers’ corner in your home.

4. Add to the aesthetics

Cuisine scandinave par stabrawa.pl Scandinave

Gorgeous flowers or shiny foliage adds a stunning element that enhances the look of almost any area of a home. Place a bunch of oriental lilies on the dining table, or a sprig of orchids in the bathroom to add a relaxing feel.

5. ​Green guard

Grow creepers along the entrance of your house to give your guests a warm welcome. It also enhances the exterior beauty of your home.

6. ​The wonder of wall climbers

Collection ROUND by EMU par JARDINCHIC.COM Moderne

Collection ROUND by EMU


Before drip irrigated green walls came into being, climbing vines and creepers were used to spruce up the exterior walls. Whether you use them as décor for the terrace or as green cover for your outer walls, they are a charming addition and an excellent idea for keeping the home cool during the summer.

7. ​It’s a small green world

Histoire végétale par Adventive Éclectique Verre

Histoire végétale


If space is a constraint, a gorgeous terrarium is a beautiful accessory that adds freshness to your home. Place it on a coffee table or sideboard, or hang it from a hook to enhance the green quotient of your home.

​8. Wall art

agencement végétal mural par Adventive Éclectique

agencement végétal mural


Mounting planters with succulents or herbs is a great idea for brightening up the atmosphere on a dull wall. Combine drooping vines with flowers to make it look like a natural mural.

​9. Emerald moss

Mur Végétaux Salle à manger originale par Green Mood Éclectique
Green Mood

Mur Végétaux

Green Mood

For adding a plush feel to a room, consider coating a pillar with moss and grow a few ferns for texture. It’s a guaranteed show stopper!

10. ​Add stylish accents

Poteries diverses par Poterie Goicoechea Éclectique
Poterie Goicoechea

Poteries diverses

Poterie Goicoechea

Whether you are decorating an outdoor space or using planters to add a refreshing touch to your interiors, choose the right pots and plants to complement the décor theme and enhance the overall look.

For more ideas on creating beautiful gardens, see 6 Garden Ideas for Small Spaces and Corridors.

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