20 things you should not have in your house if you're older than 30

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20 things you should not have in your house if you're older than 30

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Isn’t being an adult great? No more having to eat your vegetables if you don’t want to, staying up as late as you want to watch whatever, and picking out what you want to wear yourself. Having said that, growing up also comes with its own set of less-awesome responsibilities, like paying for everything! 

But cheer up, as it’s not all doom and gloom, because part of the fun of living the grown-up lifestyle is being in charge of your home’s look and style. And luckily you don’t have to think about labelling that as “difficult”, for here on homify we have a vast range of tips and tricks to ensure your interiors (and outdoor spaces) remain stylish, neat, and clean. 

So, today we are going to take a look at some crucial things that absolutely do NOT belong in your home if you like calling yourself a responsible and style-conscious adult (or are 30 years old, whichever comes first). 

Let’s see what they are…

1. Diplomas you received in primary school – store these safely in a drawer/folder, not displayed on your wall.

2. Plastic chairs on your terrace. They look cheesy and can break too easily – rather opt for stronger ones, such as those made from rattan or timber.

3. A messy kitchen. You are an adult now, so no more relying on Mom to clean up your mess.

Spruce it up with some furniture and décor and enjoy a beautiful and functional space.

5. The “I’ve been robbed” look – we love minimalism, but this is really too much (or too little).

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Make your home cosy with colours, textures, patterns and different materials.

 de style  par Auraprojekt

Need that expert look? Check out our range of professionals.

6. Incomplete dinnerware. This is crucial if you want to host mature dinner parties.

7. A mattress on the floor. College days are over, so treat yourself to a plush and grown-up bed.

Le salon avant:  de style  par Tout Simplement Déco

8. No decorative linen for your bed.

Add some style and comfort with a duvet, blanket, pillows, and scatter cushions.

9. An ugly entryway into your house.

Add some lighting, colours, a potted plant or two… anything to welcome your guests with a smile.

10. A hot tub for showing off. This isn’t primary school, so buy one only if you really want/need it, not to upstage your friend.

11. Dirty and cracked walls. Think pollyfilla, soap and water, and some paint!

12. Cluttered areas.

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13. If you have little ones, avoid cutting-edge pieces with glass and sharp edges. You want your house to be child-friendly, right?

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14. Broken things. Whether it’s a cabinet door or a chair leg, get on repairing those elements.

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15. Loose-hanging cables. They are both dangerous and ugly!

 de style  par toki

16. A broken air-conditioner. This will not serve you well this coming summer.

 de style  par homify

17. Dying plants – treat your garden and potted beauties well.

18. Furniture in poor condition. You want your home to look neat and stylish, right?

 de style  par Better Home

19. A cluttered home office. That’s what shelves, cabinets, and cupboards are for.

Bureau de style  par acertus

If a decent paintjob and some cleaning-up is in order, then so be it!

Bureau de style  par acertus

20. A sickening taste for design. You are no longer a teenager!

If you’re struggling to get your interiors to look fancy, then have a look at: 13 interior design mistakes you need to stop making (right now!).

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