11 cool storage solutions you've never seen before (probably)

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11 cool storage solutions you've never seen before (probably)

Will Sayner Will Sayner
Chambre de style  par 一級建築士事務所co-designstudio, Moderne
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For most of us, financial realities require us to reside in more modest homes, which often meaning that space can be an issue.  Even for those lucky enough to have ample space in the home, space will slowly become occupied and perhaps even overtaken with clutter; work expands to fill the time available, and similarly possessions will spread out to fill the available space.

 So how do we escape this cluttered prison of our own making? The answer lies in increasingly ingenious storage solutions.

 Feast your eyes on what we have in store for you today: a rundown of super cool never before seen storage solutions that could help you regain much needed space.

1. Built in bedside table

 de style  par homify, Rustique

 This simple but novel idea frees up floor space and could help you to turn the tables in the war against clutter.

2. Storage bed

 de style  par THE STORAGE BED, Moderne

 This secretive storage solution will allow you to sweep items you don’t want seen under the rug – or bed – freeing up a whole lot of space in your bedroom.

3. Clever corner drawers

Cuisine de style  par Tim Jasper, Rural
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

 Squeeze every drop of available storage space out of your kitchen counters with this clever little corner drawer.

4. Counter inside a cabinet

 Conceal your kitchen counter – and even the sink too – with this crazy cabinet that can contain almost your entire kitchen! How’s that for space-saving?

5. Slide out worktop

Cuisine de style  par Schmidt Palmers Green, Scandinave
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

 Instantly increase the workspace in your kitchen as and when you need it with this cool slide out counter extensions.

6. Under floor storage

 Store anything you don’t need any more in the floor, yes, the floor! This astonishingly creative storage solution will drastically increase your storage space and keep clutter out of sight.

7. Under stair storage

 Make use of that awkward space under the stairs by filling it with shelving or cabinets that you can conveniently conceal.

8. Headboard bookshelf

 Create a whole new dynamic in your bedroom by placing a bookshelf against the headboard of your bed.

9. Fireplace storage

Chambre d’enfant de style  par bobo kids, Moderne
bobo kids

Girls' Bedroom Ideas

bobo kids

 Repurpose an old fireplace a turn it into a super cool storage solution by lining the inside with shelves.

10. Partition storage

Chambre de style  par VALENTIROV&PARTNERS, Minimaliste

apartment V-21


 Squeeze in some sneaky extra storage space by fitting shelves to the end of a partition wall.

11. Multifaceted storage solution

 This cool contraption by designer, Michael Hilgers can provide you with a handy workspace that conveniently folds into a cabinet saving you loads of space!

 Check out these 18 amazing storage hacks that your home desperately needs for more superb storage solutions.

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