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5 things you can do in one day that will rejuvenate your living room

Roz ffrench Roz ffrench
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Rejuvenation is all about bringing something back to life; turning over a new leaf, enlivening something that has felt flat, disinterested and dull. It's no different when we think about our own homes, and it's no wonder – interior design styles and trends are changing all the time and we need to be creatively stimulated by our surroundings.

Our living rooms are where we pend a lot of our time, be it with family, friends, or by ourselves with a book. Because of this we need to ensure that our environment is always at its best to bring out the best in us. Additionally, we need to be able to easily switch it up when we need, so these one-day-tips are a great help for living room rejuvenation!

1. Throws

Changing up your use of throws is a great way of adding colour and comfort in slightly different ways in your living room. These, for example, add a pop of coral colour to a bright and neutral toned living room which shows personality and softens the room. 

You can become cold at any time of year so it;s always best to keep throws handy anyway, but in winter it's an especially good idea to switch to thicker, fluffy throws that are perfect for snuggling up.

2. Flowers

Many of us are secret flower lovers. Flowers bring incredible new fresh fragrances into your lounge and saves you having to spray aerosols everywhere to get it smelling lovely. 

Different flowers have different meanings and there is a whole diverse world of communication through flowers, which is one way of using them to your advantage; or similarly, you can use different colours and smells to suit that of the room or the season. 

3. A change of cushions

It's important to change your cushions every now and again. You're going to want different colours, textures, sizes, designs. Switch it up sometimes to keep your interest in them, or simply just to suit your need. 

Here we see different colours and patterns of cushion on the sofa, but some of us love to fill our sofas to the brim with a cosy combination of cushions and pillows for the most comfortable experience possible.

4. Plants

Whether you're style is minimal, hipster or modern, the addition of green houseplants are fantastic to add an element of natural freshness to the living room.

Cacti, for example, are exceptionally easy to take care of and even function as decorations, too, with their shapes and array of cute pots and arrangements.

5. Rearrange furniture

It's simple but sometimes laborious, so take your time to think about it! Moving around your furniture is often therapeutic and refreshing, and gives you a new perspective of your living room. It isn't our first thought to physically change it up so much but most of the time it has brilliant results!

Feel rejuvenated yet? Try a seasonal approach with 5 of the best autumnal colours for your living room.

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