10 bed ideas you are secretly fascinated with!

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10 bed ideas you are secretly fascinated with!

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The number of bed styles out there is simply limitless and knowing which you want in your master suite can be a really tough decision to make, but we think we are going to make it far easier for you today! We've found some truly unique, breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully restful bed examples to show you, so if you've been struggling to settle on an idea, prepare to make up your mind! We think you might even want to get your interior designer on the phone, to revamp your bedroom to fit with your chosen bed, as trust us, some of these are… unusual and need a design scheme to match!

1. Traditional and luxurious.

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Button & Sprung

Camelia Divan

Button & Sprung

Nothing quite says luxury like a quilted, padded headboard, hundreds of throw pillows and endless duvets and comforters! Perfect for romantic bedrooms, we think this bed is fit for a princess!

2. Closed off corner pod.

Perfect for those of you that really like to feel cocooned at night, building a bed into the corner of your room and adding sliding doors will guarantee you a great night's sleep! So cozy!

3. Suspended from the ceiling.

We did promise you some unusual ideas! If you love pushing the boundaries of design and enjoy feeling weightless, a suspended rope bed is just the ticket! The pulley system adds a really industrial touch!

4. Rustic and handcrafted.

Your bed should be a place where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed and what's better for that than some natural materials that tell a story? Rustic styling really adds a touch of nostalgia to a bedroom that we believe offers a perfect slumber.

5. Contemporary and unique.

When nothing but custom designs will do, wood is a great choice for a unique bed, as the material is no naturally adaptable. Just don't forget to deck your bedroom out in a complementary style!

6. Upcycled chic.

Chambre de style  par homify, Minimaliste

If you don't have a great deal of money to spend but you want something spectacular, consider making your own bed, from pallets! they are cheap, or often free, to come by and can be nailed together in minutes!

7. Circular statement.

Wow! It doesn't matter how often we see them, circular beds always blow us away! Ideal for people that like to be a little different and more bohemian, the lack of edges on a round bed makes for a more naturalistic sleeping position!

8. Multi-functional and majestic.

When you don't have a huge amount of room to work with, you need to get clever with your bed design. We think including a mezzanine is fantastic and it can be put to use as an office, wardrobe or anything you like. This one has us going crazy!

9. Low and wide.

Chambre de style  par homify, Industriel

Traditionally, beds are fairly high, for easy use, and a standard width, but for an injection of luxury, you can't go wrong with a low, wide installation! This emerald green beauty has the added bonus of being covered in velvet and we don't know about you, but we want it!

10. Romantic fantasy.

A four-poster bed, complete with gauze drapes and turned woodwork is the dream of many a young girl that is hoping her prince will come, but as grown ups, there's nothing wrong with indulging the fantasy! With suitably beautiful bedding, this style actually looks phenomenal!

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