8 small homes you’ll fall in love with

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8 small homes you’ll fall in love with

Will Sayner Will Sayner
Salon moderne par Fabio Azzolina Architetto Moderne
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 In an ideal world we’d all have vast decedent homes, but financial realities require most of us to reside in more modest dwellings.

 But as we often strive to prove here at homify, smaller homes can be as impressive as their larger counterparts; virtually any property can transformed into a magnificent home with the right vision, and enough patience and hard work.

There are a plethora of stunning and innovative designs for smaller dwellings, so to demonstrate that size isn’t everything, we’ve put together a list of smaller houses you’ll fall in love with…

1. A clear winner

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight Maisons modernes par Nash Baker Architects Ltd Moderne Verre
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

 The first addition to list comes to us from Kent, England, and has been designed so as to maximise natural light. This magnificent modern design uses wall-to-wall glass on the façade and the rear of the home to create a very striking and unusual dwelling.

The interior is characterised by light wooden tones and minimalist design; creating a light, and spacious feeling dwelling.

2. A wooden wonderland

 Next on our list we find ourselves in Japan, where architects Alts Design Office have created a home of whimsical wooden interiors that spectacularly mimics the feeling of being outdoors.

 Although modern and original, the design is quintessentially Japanese thanks to the minimalist atmosphere and gravel interspersed with walkways that draw inspiration from traditional Japanese garden design.

3. A kitchen apart from the rest

par homify

 The next stop on our list is in Singapore, where we find a dynamic apartment with a particularly eye-catching kitchen.

 The kitchen is the heart of the home: the place where the family comes together and a frequent spot for entertaining guests, so it’s wise to invest in a quality kitchen, especially in a smaller home.

4. Superb space management

par homify Moderne

 In a smaller home, the space you have to work with is obviously limited, but number four on our list provides an excellent example of how a relatively small space can be used to its fullest. The open-plan design allows the space to feel more open, while the placement of the dining table and breakfast bar neatly divides the areas.

5. Classic and cosy

 This lovely Hong Kong apartment has a wonderfully cosy feel, yet with an air of refinement. The neutral colour scheme is interspersed with red to inject energy into the room, and perhaps bring a little luck.

6. Stylish and sophisticated

 The space in this open-plan adobe is as meticulously planned as it is styled with the furniture arranged so as to distinctly separate each part of the space. The darker colours that dominate the design are balanced by the light floors and ceiling that reflects the light from the overhead spotlights, while the large windows ensure plenty of natural light fills the space.

7. Contemporary and classic

 This dynamic little dwelling may have a modest exterior, but inside you’ll find an astonishing blend of traditional and contemporary design as unconventional colours mix in home flooded with natural light and hardwood parquet flooring.

8. Bright and full of life

 The final entry on our list is a marvellous Milan apartment that’s modern design with a bright, clean aesthetic. The purple sofa and abundance of vegetation inject colour and life into the crisp white décor.

 Check out these fantastic façades for more sensational small homes.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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