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Chairs need to be comfortable and embracing. The extreme comfort of a chair can be judged by its relaxing posture, cozy fabric and sturdy design. The chaise lounging chair is such a cozy extension of a chair that makes you reach the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation in absolutely no time. They are available in a variety of designs and patterns and are considered an important asset of the living area in today’s modern world. Let’s take you over some designs that will inspire you to include a new member in your living area.


 Classy interiors need classy furniture. This lounge chair does pure justice to the highly sophisticated and up-market area of this living room as it sits lavishly in one corner exuding a bold effect.  This lounge chair is the focal point of the room as it is in perfect contrast with the other furniture. It is unconventional in its design as it has a smooth revolving motion that will make you sleep in absolutely no time.

Royal stance

As an integral part of the living room, these chairs need to be charming and impressive. They should have such magical powers that they leave the guests absolutely spellbound. These chaise lounge chairs impart the same effect as they are extremely cozy and highly upmarket. The classy upholstery and the sturdy stance make them conquer the entire place with their sophistication and wholesomeness. A cozy footrest is provided for making your lounging experience a complete delight.

Enjoying solitude

This lounging chair gets its name from the very first appearance. The living room in this house is a small space under the stairs that has been given a modern feel by incorporating a lounge chair and glass table. The lounge chair blends in well with the interiors of the place and eliminates the need of some other furniture. It is a perfect place to enjoy a book in the company of hot sizzling coffee.


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Modern, classy and relaxing will be understatements in describing this chaise lounge chair that comes with an equally comforting foot rest. It surely gives an illusion of a recliner, but is actually a lounge chair that comes with additional push back facility. This lounge chair is in perfect harmony with the white interiors of your living room and creates an effect like a five-star hotel. Extremely durable and sturdy, it is easily portable as it comes with moving-wheels feature.

Peace out

Looking for a relaxing spot in your living room? Here is the ultimate chase lounge chair that will give you an experience of pool side lounge right in your living room. Made in sheen leather, this chair offers a comfortable posture that is mainly attributed to its length and broad width. The attached pillow gives a puffed resting spot for your head and makes a complete bed, indeed.


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Seen them before? We bet you must surely have. Designed by Specht Harpman, architects from Texas, US, these are classic lounge chairs that have been used for years together and considering their unmatched comfort and longevity, they are here to last. Perfect with every décor, these chairs come with a soft and soothing fabric that blends in well with the surroundings and with the addition of colourful and vivid cushions offer you a highly pleasing sight. These chairs are extremely hardy as they are made up of high quality wood and will surely be your partner for long.


What else does an industrial living room demand other than a cozy sofa set, a sleek coffee table and a metal finish? It is a comfortable chaise lounge chair. The versatile approach and extreme comfort make the chairs a perfect part of any style of room décor. In this case, the white lounge chair rests on four durable legs and is upholstered with a classy and strong material that blends in well with the interiors. It creates a perfect contrast with the black centrally placed cylindrical flask.


homify Salle à manger classique

This luxurious chase lounge chair is a part of a highly royal and luxurious living room of an Indian household. It stands apart from the wooden dining table and instantly brightens up the area with its unmatched charm and elegance. This chair imparts a grand feel which is mainly attributed to its high class upholstery and shiny metal frame that speaks volumes about comfort and luxury. It is in exact sync with the décor and accentuates its look manifolds.

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