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There's nothing better than relaxing outdoors in your own private backyard or courtyard. Outdoor living spaces are the perfect place to entertain family and friends in a peaceful and idyllic setting. Clever decoration is a must, however, when creating the a space for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy, as a few good ideas can go a long way!

Thus, we've brought together 9 inspirational outdoor designs to get your creative juices flowing. These incredible spaces manage to combine innovative colour choices, ambient lighting, beautifully cultivated greenery and stylish furnishings to produce the kind of outdoor areas you'll never want to leave. Take a tour and gain some great ideas!

1. A modern and functional pergola

Pergolas can be wonderful features to add style and function to an outdoor space, providing an exterior design feature and also allowing the space to be utilised in bad weather. Although wood is most commonly used in the construction of pergolas, this more modern take, made of steel and glass, demonstrates how these structures can be adapted to suit any design aesthetic.

2. Decorative foliage to soften the space

While modern finishes can infuse your abode with a chic and contemporary edge, sometimes slate and concrete can appear stark and cold. In these instances, hints of greenery through the use of shrubs, potted plants and climbers such as those seen here can really help to soften the area and create a natural, harmonious atmosphere. 

3. Style and versatility in the courtyard

This stunning creation comes courtesy of architects Hungarian and Berton, and wonderfully demonstrates the versatility of a modern courtyard. Light and bright, this charming space is a fine example of modern interior architecture, having been decorated in chic, understated furnishings, and bordering a simple dining setting to which the occupants can retire in case of poor weather.

4. Set the mood with superior lighting

When designing your perfect setting for outdoor living it's important to consider how the space will appear after dark – after all, there's no need for the fun to stop after sundown! 

This patio and backyard employ LED lighting in white and pink to create a unique, modern effect, in line with the overall aesthetic of the home's construction.

5. Add colour and texture with a vertical garden

Gigi Botelho Architects are responsible for this next serene space, which utilises multitude climbing plants to create a soft and inviting area for relaxation. Climbers curtail the yard's small swimming pool, while a manicured lawn skirts a deck of deep brown wooden panels. A range of small trees have also been planted in garden beds bordering the space, which augment the rainforest effect of the vertical garden.

6. Capitalise on beautiful scenery

homify Jardin classique

For those people lucky enough to live atop an elevated locale, our advice is to capitalise on the surrounding scenery as much as possible. Courtyards can always be designed with a stylish and relaxing atmosphere, but if you have the opportunity to include a gorgeous vista like that seen here, all the better! 

7. Combine form and function

While outdoor spaces are most often designed to allow for external relaxation and entertainment, it should not be forgotten that a back yard might also accommodate a range of other functions, such as physical activity and cooking! 

This space, designed by Argollo & Martins Architects, includes a large pool for lap swimming and an outdoor kitchen and dining area to really blend the interior and exterior living spaces.

8. Add a sense of flow with a patio extension

When contemplating the construction of your outdoor living space it is important to consider how it will connect with the remainder of the home. This patio and back yard beautifully exemplifies the sense of flow that can be created through an extension, with details such as the elongated sofa and stepping stones drawing the gaze from the home's interior all the way outside, immediately creating a visual connection. 

9. Include versatile features and furnishings

Finally, we come to a courtyard brimming with functional elements that have been organised into a streamlined, modern space for outdoor living. The large, wooden deck, pool and patio lounge are perfect for both physical activity and relaxation, while an outdoor dining setting provides for external meals and entertainment whenever weather and will combine.

Beyond we can see a small pool house, before the main abode rises up in the distance. Designed by Village Life, this setting makes great use of a large space, with the lucky occupants of this lovely home having plenty of options to enjoy their back yard.

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