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How to DIY decorate a flat

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Decorating a place means you make into something you like, something you wants to see every time you get home, from where ever you where. Décor is your personality in visible and touchable form, put there to show it off to the world.

Now, you want to redecorate your entire home, but everything in the shops are either too expensive, it doesn't fit into your plans, or is just not your style. This is where the entire idea of do-it-yourself or more commonly known as DIY, comes in. A lot of the expensive décor you get in your favourite shops is easy to make, not even mentioning cheaper. Have a look at these DIY ideas.

Where to start?

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Where do I start with the DIY, you may ask. Or I am not creative at all, I can't do any of these things. Even if you don't know how to do it, you can always learn. This is what is nice about DIY – you learn new techniques as well as having a lot of fun.

Before you say you don't know where to start, figure out what it is that you want to change in the flat. Some people go big and decide to do the entire place, others might be a bit more cautious and say, all right, one project and we see how that goes.

If you don't know how to DIY, a good place to start is finding out if you have a friend that do these things. They might be able to help you and it is a bit more bonding time. Secondly, if that does not work is there a lot of tutorials on the internet, telling exactly how to make that project you want to.

Living room décor

The one room in the house that is most visited by friends and family is the living room. This is also the room that most of us, goes to a lot of trouble to create a welcoming, yet individual space. In this room is a lot of potential for DIY projects.

Ideas for this room is almost infinite. A great place to start is to get scatter cushions. You can create it from scratch, but if you already have the cushion all you have to do is to create a slope. Have a look at local fabric shops and get those piece of fabric that speaks to you – that says, you want to put me in the living room.

Other great DIY ideas is to paint old wine bottle in you colour scheme or ombre, or anyway you want. You can even create coffee tables out of pallets or old crates, add a bit of colour, a plant or photos and you have something different all together. Create you own wall art with a piece of canvas and some words, or get and old painting (preferably when nobody wants to see the original), stick on some vinyl letters, paint over it and pull the letters off, and voilà, you have a great piece of wall art.

Kitchen décor

A kitchen might not be the easiest place to decorate, but there is things that you can do to make a kitchen feel more connected to the house, that it is not a stand alone room. The easiest way to do this is to choose a theme, depending on you ideas it can be the same thing as the living room, it can be something complementary to it or it can be something entirely different.

Take the theme and create the décor you want to go with it. For example, a nautical theme can be mixed with blue. Take your tray (if it is used to take the coffee to the guests or if it only stands there and hold everything together) paint it blue, and use rope for handles. Or another idea is to use frames. You only need to change the colour of the frame, put in some pretty paper and a white board pen and you have your board where you can right down all of your groceries and things you need. Stamp your curtains, paint your bottles' caps or paint a wall in black board paint.

Bedroom décor

Apart from the living room is the bedroom one of the rooms a lot of people goes to a lot of trouble to make it comfortable. To make it some place that you want to be, even if your guests don't typically see it.

A very popular DIY décor for the bedroom is the pillows and scatter cushions on the bed. It again can be made from any material you want, or in any shape you want it. A wooden crate can be transformed to be used as extra storage for linen or what ever you want to put in it. A bedside table can be painted or a DIY vase can be put on the vanity table or you can even make your own headrest. 

Have a look at the Country Cottage shop's projects for dcor ideas.

Bathroom décor

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Not every possible décor idea, one has, is suitable for the bathroom. The dampness and heat that is created by the water needs to be taken into account, if not your décor can be damaged. Yet there is great ideas that can be used in the bathroom.

One such an idea is, especially in a place where you aren't allowed to nail things into a wall, is to use an old ladder. Paint it the way you want it, seal it against the heat and damp and use it as a towel rail. If you are allowed to make alterations or you own the place, put up some wooden shelves, hooks, a mirror in your style. Paint mason jars and use it as soap dispensers or to keep all the loose things in the bathroom in.

Garden décor

Lastly is there the garden. This is the one place where you can actually go nuts. Apart from creating a luscious garden, you can also add décor. This includes a patio set. It can be made out of pallets, glass and metal or even just using some logs. What ever you want goes.

Further you can create fairy houses or your own bird feeders and put it in the trees or gardens. You can even create you own concrete planters and with a little paint a lot of things go far.

So it is not so difficult to DIY your way into a beautiful decorated place, all you have to do is use a bit of imagination and you can create magic. Use anything, especially those old things that has been lying in the garage gathering dust, and creates something new, something you like.

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