A modular home of 75m²

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A modular home of 75m²

Bethan Jones – homify Bethan Jones – homify
Maisons modernes par Casas Cube Moderne
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Everyone dreams of building their own home, but with rising material costs and the time involved in supervising the construction, most people either postpone or give up on the idea. However, nowadays, with the advances in methods and technology, construction of a home is simpler and more reasonable that you imagine. This is especially true for modular homes.

Worldwide, the modular home sector is recording high growth as the box-like structures are so easy to assemble to make a home. The factory-made sections just have to be lifted with the help of a crane and placed on the site, reducing time as well as cost of construction. In this ideabook, we present one such stylish modular home, designed by Spanish Architects Casas Cube, on approximately 800 square feet at a cost of €59,000.

​Designed with style

Maisons modernes par Casas Cube Moderne

Like most modular homes, this one has a single-level box structure. The cream and dark gray color scheme give it a stylish modern appearance. Large windows along two sides of the home present an open and airy look. The covered patio with a deck looks deceptively simple, but the layered effect of the roof adds a sense of height to the home.

​Clever contrast

Maisons modernes par Casas Cube Moderne

Most modular houses come in similar designs with hardly any distinguishable features that set one apart from another. The clever use of contrast shades on the outer wall of the home does more than eliminating monotony. Combined with varied textures on the wall surfaces, it gives the home a unique identity and a sophisticated look. Inside, the home is divided into a bedroom, living area, kitchen and family room.

​Living with a view

Salon moderne par Casas Cube Moderne

Large windows behind the sofas give the living area an airy ambiance and an indoor-outdoor feel. The double glazing on the windows protects the home from weather changes, while the placement of windows on perpendicular walls brings in sunlight to keep the room bright and warm.

​Muted interiors

Salon moderne par Casas Cube Moderne

The interior walls are made of wood panelling in a light shade, which adds to the brightness in the rooms. Contrasted by the dark wood laminate flooring and white frames on the furniture as well as the windows, the overall design is simple but one that will never go out of style. Elegant white blinds on the windows facing the garden offer privacy inside the home.

​Modern kitchen

Cuisine moderne par Casas Cube Moderne

The kitchen blends effortlessly with the colour scheme in the living area with the white cabinets matching the living room furniture frames. The room is equipped with all essential modern appliances, including ovens, dishwasher and refrigerator, making it easy to cook meals. The copper toned backsplash tiles over the countertops provide a convenient maintenance-free feature, besides adding to the contemporary style of the kitchen. The cabinets are designed to offer ample storage space to organize dishes and ingredients so that the kitchen is clutter-free.

​Cozy Bedroom

Chambre moderne par Casas Cube Moderne

The small bedroom has a double bed and a side table. The use of a white bed cover carries through the colour scheme in the living area, bringing cohesiveness with the overall design. Bedside lamps enhance the brightness of the room at night, with the warm glow adding to the sense of coziness.

​Smart bathroom

Salle de bain moderne par Casas Cube Moderne

The modern bathroom is minimalist with a sophisticated black-and-white theme. It has the bare essentials in terms of fixtures, but large wall tiles as well as the brightness introduced by the natural light coming in through the windows adds a sense of spaciousness. The windows aid in ventilation and control humidity to keep the bathroom fresh.

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