6 ways to make your home look fancier on a tiny budget

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6 ways to make your home look fancier on a tiny budget

Will Sayner Will Sayner
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 Everybody wants a spectacular home. In an ideal world we would all reside in luxurious properties, but sadly, for most of us financial realities constrain us to more modest dwellings.

 However, lacking in extraordinary wealth doesn’t mean we have to completely forgo refinement and style in our homes, it simply means we must be a little more creative in how we add that wow factor. Granted it can be more of a challenge, but there are a few little tricks that can help your home look fancier on a tight budget.

 Read on to find out how…

1. Install great light fixtures

 Luxurious light fixtures will make all the difference! A chandelier may be too costly, but avoid purchasing multiple light fixtures at once from a big chain store. Instead, shop around to find a collection of more unique fixtures.

2. Pick up some flea market furniture

 As with light fixtures, furniture should not be purchased in one fell swoop from a single store. Modern furniture constructed from chip board and laminate may be a cost effective and a quick way to furnish your home, but it fails in delivering a refined look. Visit flea markets and take your time building up a collection of different, quality furniture pieces.

3. Build a big bookshelf

Fitted Library Bookcase par Rupert Bevan Ltd Moderne
Rupert Bevan Ltd

Fitted Library Bookcase

Rupert Bevan Ltd

 What could look more elegant and refined than your own private library? There’s an abundance of low cost options for installing wall mounted shelving, and when filled with books it’ll add some real class to your home!

 It doesn’t stop there; we’ve got a few great ideas for decorating with books.

3. Install vinyl/laminate floor

 You’ll find no fancier flooring than rich hardwood, however, cost effective it is not; this is where laminate comes in. Laminate flooring comes in such a range it can imitate almost any material and style, and the higher end products will be difficult to distinguish from the real thing, but at a fraction of the price.

5. Invest in the small items

 The fine details make all the difference. Invest in some high quality draw handles, doorknobs and taps; this won’t break the bank, but it’ll help to spruce up your home.

6. Maintain a clean and organised home

 This may seem obvious, but it’s an important point nonetheless – maintain and clean and tidy home. Even the grandest of homes won’t appear so grand if it’s a mess. If you don't have the time, hire a professional.

 There you have it! Just follow these simple steps to spruce up your home. We will leave you with these bonus points that didn’t quite make our list: cost is a relative term, and crown moulding may be a little too expensive for some, but that’s a sure way to infuse your home with classic style. At the other end of the scale, a few old fashioned candlesticks around the place can go some way to making the place look a little fancier.

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