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17 cleaning hacks for the most sparkling bathroom

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Cleaning the bathroom can't be many people's favourite chore. If it's yours, lucky you! We, however, can't stand it and anything that makes it quicker and easier is welcome advice. 

We've taken time to look at old wives' tales and cleaning myths and filtered out those tips that really work and will get your bathroom looking as wonderful as when your designer first created it.

If you're ready for an easier life, read on!

1. When rubbed on taps and surfaces, a cut lemon half will instantly remove water spots

2. Clean extractor fans with air cans or grab the vacuum cleaner hose and stretch!

3. When baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice are combined they make a perfect 'before you go' spray to be spritzed into a toilet bowl ahead of use

4. Let your toilet brush drip dry by pinning it under the seat, to prevent stagnant water collecting in the holder

5. While we're talking about toilet brushes, add some disinfectant to your holder to keep things smelling good

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Modern Shower room

A1 Lofts and Extensions

6. Use a bleach pen on grout to make it sparkle again

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Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

7. To prevent hair blocking your plumbing, add some hair removal cream to your drains!

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Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

8. When poured down your drains once a week, a liquid mix of baking soda and vinegar will prevent blockages

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ReDesign London Ltd

Aberdeen Park

ReDesign London Ltd

9. Polish chrome items with baby oil for a showroom finish!

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Loft bathroom


10. If you have more than one bathroom, keep a stash of cleaning products in each to avoid having to cart them around the house

11. Did you know that you can pop your shower curtain in the washing machine to keep it fresh? Neither did we!

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12. Fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar then tie to your shower head overnight. The submerged metal will be limescale-free in the morning

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Family Bathroom


13. Use 'barkeeper's friend' polish to remove porcelain stains from sinks, baths and toilets

14. Remove light covers when doing your cleaning so you can give them a quick wipe. You'll be shocked at what a difference a bright light will make

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Chiswick Quay


15. Keep antibacterial wipes in a bathroom dresser to wipe the sink and toilet once a day. Little tasks like this will prevent the need for a 'big clean' once a week

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Hampstead Design Hub

City appartment

Hampstead Design Hub

16. Clean around toilet seat screws to remove any lingering smells

17. Don't forget to clean bath toys as they can get full of stagnant water. A warm soak in water and white vinegar will do the trick

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Marble and grey oak bathroom


For more cleaning innovation, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 Refreshingly Easy Cleaning Tips That Actually Work.

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