Vastu Shastra Tips: What are the right colors for your house

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Vastu Shastra Tips: What are the right colors for your house

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
par Inan AYDOGAN /IA Interior Design Office Classique
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Vastu has the power to inspire your behavior, learning, and mood. It is known for creating an environment that simply sets the tune for the house. 

 When it comes to Vastu, every direction of the house is linked to a  particular color and tends to bring abundance and prosperity.

Let’s show you what colors can play a great role in your life:

South – Pink Coral Red

South is the direction where your bedroom should reside according to Vastu and if it so, there should be a color of passion and warmth in that corner. Red is one such color that can win the southern walls of the house. 

The color is known to represent lust, materialism, aggressiveness, passion, warmth, action, drama, energy, power, and vibrancy. Go for the coral shed of red in areas you want to depict warmth.

However, you need to play smart while selecting the shades and quantity. For those who are suffering from depression and red should be sincerely avoided.

West – Blue

bedroom decoration Chambre classique par Style Within Classique
Style Within

bedroom decoration

Style Within

The west direction of your house signifies water and logically, blue is the color of water. Not just water, it is even the color of the sky, representing beauty, tranquility, emotions, devotion, contentment, mercy, and truth. Blue is known for healing and reduces the body pain and designers of the house knew it well. 

Try to use blue colors in the areas that are a bit large as it will be overdone if applied to a small space. Make sure, you have chosen to go for the lighter shades of blue in your house and say a big no to the shades of blue in shops and factories. 

North – Green

Paint the north corner of your house with the varying shades of green. Green depicts mother nature and is known to bring fertility, prosperity, rebirth, abundance, relaxation, healing, and positive energy to the house.  Healing is the reason why hospitals have more and more colors of green. Another reason of why green is more preferred is because it is known for controlling temper and if you have one, use more of green colors.

East – White

par homify Moderne Coton Rouge

White color signifies the openness, cleanliness, simplicity, innocence, purity, and luxury. For the newlyweds, it also offers privacy and intimacy. However, you should always stick to a lesser portion of painting in white as it can develop an egocentric environment. For a smart play, paint the entire ceiling of the house in white color.

North East-Yellow

Positive thoughts, optimism, illumination, openness, intelligence, a stable mind, happiness, concentration, and wealth – if you are looking forward to any of these elements, yellow is going to work at its best. Yellow can be used in the room that is not too big as it is known for bringing the illusion of bigger space.

South West – Tones of Brown

Browns represent contentment, satisfaction, comfort, and earth elements, Being a masculine color it is appropriate for those who feel satisfied with their life.

South East – Silver White

Take a lift from the normal white shades and paint the southeast side of the home in silver white colors. It’s going to represent a healthy atmosphere filled with fun and prosperity.

North West – White

South Crown Street Bedroom Chambre moderne par Brown + Brown Architects Moderne
Brown + Brown Architects

South Crown Street Bedroom

Brown + Brown Architects

The northwest of the house can go in the same way the East wall of the house is painted – pristine white

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