20 worst landscaping mistakes to make in your garden

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20 worst landscaping mistakes to make in your garden

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We think that knowing what not to do in your garden is half the battle won, and will help prevent you making too many gardening missteps while you plot out your own personal paradise. 

Things like statues and ornaments all come down to personal taste so, of course, we're not talking about those things today. Instead, we'll focus on those tasks that are easy to put off or forget about altogether, which actually make e a big difference to your outdoor space. 

We've taken inspiration from gardeners and landscapers to put together the ultimate garden errors list, so take a look now and sidestep them all!

1. Don't try your hand at something unless you know it will look good at the end. Even simple raised beds need a degree of skill to complete

2. Don't forget to recycle everything you can in a bid to make your own compost. Save money and the environment!

par homify Rural

3. You might really fancy a certain plant in a specific spot, but you have to work in line with what the plants need, so don't just plant anywhere

4. Be sure to not plant too deeply as this could actually stunt the growth of your leafy friends

GARDEN par 2A Design Minimaliste

5. Cutting your grass too short is a big mistake! You could even create bald patches

Laundry Cottage, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire par Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Rural
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Laundry Cottage, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

6. Not thinking about the view of your garden from the house is a critical error. What about rainy days when you can only gaze out of the window?

7. Using the wrong size pots for your plants means they either won't get the support they need, or that they won't have enough room to grow. Either way, it's a problem!

Zinc Metal Bucket par Lilac Coast Rural
Lilac Coast

Zinc Metal Bucket

Lilac Coast

8. Not fertilising your garden might save time but it won't keep your blooms and lawn healthy. A little goes a long way, so make the time

The Loveseat by Green Oak Furniture par Green Oak Furniture Ltd Minimaliste
Green Oak Furniture Ltd

The Loveseat by Green Oak Furniture

Green Oak Furniture Ltd

9. Picking the wrong plants for your climate and garden is really common, so don't fall into the same trap! Really think about your space

10. Don't be shortsighted about the rate of growth your chosen shrubs and plants can expect

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11. Pruning is not a dark art but it is necessary if you want bigger, better flowers next year

New large zinc par Rustic garden Éclectique
Rustic garden

New large zinc

Rustic garden

12. Colour works fabulously well in a garden but make sure the hues all work together, like in this example, or your space could look like grandma's quilt

13. Regular irrigation is vital for a healthy garden and the easiest way to do this is with sprinklers. Set a timer and let them do their thing!

14. Using the wrong tools in your garden could see you accidentally damaging delicate flowers or roots. If you're a beginner, get some advice from your local gardening centre before you buy

15. If you have little ones, your garden should be family-friendly. Cut back on the spiky plants, thorny roses and anything potentially toxic. Focus on some fun additions

Arlington Deluxe Climbing Frame Keith Stenhouse par Climbing Frames UK Moderne
Climbing Frames UK

Arlington Deluxe Climbing Frame Keith Stenhouse

Climbing Frames UK

16. We're all guilty of impulse buying but, no matter how stunning that rattan summerhouse is (and this one really is!), if it won't fit or you don't need it in your garden, leave it

Rattan Garden Cabana, Weatherproof Wicker Shade Room and Sun Loungers par Ingarden Limited Moderne
Ingarden Limited

Rattan Garden Cabana, Weatherproof Wicker Shade Room and Sun Loungers

Ingarden Limited

17. A simple scheme is a good scheme, but don't be afraid to add a little variety to your garden or it could look dull

Private Courtyard, London, Living Wall par Biotecture

Private Courtyard, London, Living Wall


18. Never lose sight of the maintenance that you will have to do in your garden. This will affect what flowers you opt for

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design par homify Classique

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design


19. Ignoring the seasons is a big mistake as they will descend and hugely impact on your garden. Try to add evergreens for winter coverage

Madrid Gas Fire Table - Warrington par Rivelin Moderne

Madrid Gas Fire Table – Warrington


20. The biggest error of all is underestimating how much a landscaping project will actually cost you. Always keep your budget in mind, with a 10% contingency on top!

Shady family garden Jardin moderne par Louise Yates Garden Design Moderne
Louise Yates Garden Design

Shady family garden

Louise Yates Garden Design

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 Ways To Have A Lovely Garden (And Not Die Trying).

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