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A lavish and well designed home in Ahmedabad

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HGCG Architects
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Designing a lavish residence with elaborate floor space is as challenging as decorating a small apartment but professionals HGCG Architects have lived up to clients’ expectations by creating a vibrant home with perfect combination of modern and traditional elements. Each section of the beautiful home at Iskon Platinum in Ahmadabad has been designed with a deep sense of color and architectural beauty.

While the children’s rooms are colorful and vibrant, the areas frequented by adults are elegant and minimalist. To increase its style quotient, the home is filled with unique art objects, warm colors and aesthetically pleasing furnishings that compliment natural and artificial light. Let us take you on a detailed tour of the house to better appreciate the heady mix of imagination and practical knowledge of color, art and decor.

Welcoming Foyer

Eye catching textures, colors and wall art that make this foyer, engage the curiosity of first time visitors to
explore more of the house and see if every section is as dramatic. Low wall cabinet provides ample storage for shoes and other stuff that members are likely to need as they step out. Besides the dancing wall figures which is a piece of art in itself, another attractive feature of this artistic foyer is the bright yellow wall with decorative mirror at the center. Ethic flower vases with artificial flowers and colorful grass sprigs add to the beauty of the colorful foyer.

Private living room

Just as a home needs to have a separate section for entertaining guests and friends, the residents of this beautiful residence decided to create a living area for themselves which would serve as a place for relaxation and entertainment. While the wide comfortable sofa serves as a place for cozying up while watching movies the chair swing on the corner is perfect for curling up with a book on a warm evening. The region is artistically decorated to make it comfortable and lively with glass windows covering an entire wall and artwork on the wall.

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Stylish living room

The stylish living lives up to the grand foyer with attractive paneled roof and colorful sofa. The best feature of this house is expansive rooms and enchanting pops of color amidst neutral surroundings. While the sky blue sofa with colorful mix of cushions dominates the space before entertainment unit, pretty golden leaves on the wall add to the overall charm of this stylish living room.

Vibrant dining area

The colorful vista before you that makes up the dining room is dominated by a large Mediterranean style chandelier made of glass and fiber. Artistically designed chairs and modern artifacts on the display shelf enhance the contemporary air of the room that also has a fairly long row of cabinets running against the wall for storage.

Creative kitchen

Modern design and thoughtful combination of colors has led to the creating of this eclectic kitchen with a stylish breakfast bar for a quick bite. Neutral white is the dominant color here with cabinets, shelves, bar stools and walls lending support to the black counter and island. show just how fit for purpose this home is and that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The trendy drop down lights from edgy skylight looks like a work of art against the backdrop of silvery lights along the false ceiling.

Lively corridor

The home has been creatively designed in such a manner that every section is connected seamlessly to each other in a joyous combination of color and light.  This one of a kind colorful corridor provides ample room for children to run around the house without worry about hurting themselves around awkwardly placed furniture.

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