7 must-know lighting tips for your small home

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7 must-know lighting tips for your small home

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Un pied à terre definitif Salon scandinave par COLOMBE MARCIANO Scandinave
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Lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change both the exterior and interior of your home. The options are plentiful, the budget choices are incredible and the effort designers are putting into finding unique and multifunctional light solutions has us drooling! Particularly in small homes where things can often feel cluttered, dark and well, too small, lighting can come to the rescue.

Are you currently in a flat or apartment type of situation? That's great, because we have a fantastic ideabook for finding the right lighting for every room in the apartment!

1. Create depth by hanging lights at various heights

A key to living in any home is to create dimension, depth and height. Sure, you can do this with wall art, shelving and proper furniture arrangement, but another option is to use hanging lights or wall-mounted gifts at various heights to create the illusion of more space. 

Hang lights higher in places where you gather with family and friends, and place lower lights for more functional, personal areas like dining areas!

2. Mount bedside lights on wall or ceiling

It's a complete and utter inconvenience to have lighting anywhere away from the bed in a bedroom. If you go into any home, large or small, you will usually find lighting options and lamps in the near vicinity of the bed. 

Whether you choose wall or ceiling lights is up to you, but make sure they're accessible, functional and not too bright as not to give your body a complete and utter shock in the mornings, or when you're trying to relax and fall asleep at night. 

3. Reflect lights with mirrors

Un pied à terre definitif Salon scandinave par COLOMBE MARCIANO Scandinave

Un pied à terre definitif


Similar to wall art, proper mirror placement can completely change the environment for your home. Particularly if you feel that your small home lacks natural light, use mirrors in these areas to redirect your lighting options. 

Just as adding more light to your life can create a different mood and effect in your home. There's also a such thing as ’light therapy’ – using different hues of lights to for therapeutic reasons in your home.

4. Add a lift with recessed lighting

House in Beloura, Sintra Salle de bain minimaliste par Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos Minimaliste
Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos

House in Beloura, Sintra

Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos

Easy to install and available in most newer and more modern homes, recessed lighting is a great way to give lower rooms a lift. 

Best used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and hallways, recessed lights provide all the light you need while allowing you to not take up too much space with lamps and standing light fixtures. 

5. Light up kitchen drawers and cabinets

White gloss U shape kitchen designed by Schmidt Barnet, project in Ghana, Africa. Cuisine moderne par Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Moderne MDF
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

White gloss U shape kitchen designed by Schmidt Barnet, project in Ghana, Africa.

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Perhaps the most affordable option on this list, lighting for drawers and cabinets can be easily installed in a few minutes and require only battery power. 

Use spotlights under cabinets to aide in cooking and food prep and drawer lights to help you keep everything organised and well-lit.

6. Light up the entrance

Don't worry about how small your home is, the hallway is still everyone's first impression! 

This area should be well lit for both functional and safety reasons and give everyone an eye-opening experience into your home. Recessed lighting is great in entry ways and corridors as well – just ask any interior designer.

7. Use pendant lights to create different zones

Pendant lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and if you choose the same style but in different sizes then it can create a great sense of cohesiveness throughout your home.

Remember, if you use proper lighting techniques, you might find that the need to furnish, decorate and accessories is greatly diminished.

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