8 amazing indoor garden ideas for your home

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8 amazing indoor garden ideas for your home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Jardin de style  par David Jiménez. Arquitectura y paisaje, Asiatique
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Indoor gardens infuse the home with a fresh sense of life. They clean the air and have the power to create a calming atmosphere like no other element in the home. So what are the most amazing indoor garden ideas out there? Well, Japanese and Asian interiors are a great place to start, but there's also a huge variety of options for the urban gardener too. So come with us on a photo tour for the real low-down on amazing indoor garden ideas. There are lots of indoor gardening ideas here to inspire!

1. A bathroom jungle

The bathroom is the ideal place to work on an indoor garden. It's waterproof and there is easy access for watering. This bathroom certainly has one of the best indoor gardens we've seen!

2. The staircase garden

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par LIJO.RENY.architects, Moderne

Residence for the Unknown Client


This unique home has an internal courtyard with a few tall and sturdy bamboo trees. The architects have installed this internal window that allows the occupants to enjoy the upper part of the garden from the staircase as well.

3. An impressive budget-friendly approach

Restaurants de style  par studio Noun, Éclectique

The simplest gardening solutions are often the best. So it's our pleasure to present this totally rustic indoor garden. It's simply composed of a branch with a bunch of hanging plants. But it's the breadth, size and unique collection of plants that really make it a garden.

4. High-end internal garden

This Indian home has a really unique little internal garden. It's obviously custom-made and the unique wooden wall and ceiling add a little sophistication. This kind of indoor garden can otherwise be created with just white pebbles, pavers, lighting and pot plants.

5. A classic living green wall

No article on indoor gardens is complete without a now-classic living green wall. These fabulous creations are hugely popular at the moment and add an almost wild and lush look to this room.

6. Corner pebble gardens

Corner pebble gardens are quite popular in modern Japanese-style homes. They are easy to keep clean and make the most of the often neglected corners of a room.

7. The ultimate internal courtyard garden

This courtyard garden has a very abundant feel. To create this look, choose a variety of plant species that will grow to differing heights. Note the potential for adding a water feature as well.

8. An underwater garden

Salle à manger de style  par Aquarium Architecture, Méditerranéen

If you don't have great light, an underwater garden may be the perfect solution. This aquarium comes to us courtesy of architects Aquarium Architecture. It was built into the wall and with lights, it can be enjoyed day and night.

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Maison de Village : Maisons de style  par Lautrefabrique , Moderne

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