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7 brilliant bathroom tiling ideas for your home

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Undoubtedly one of the most commonly used materials in the bathroom, tiles are a brilliant way to add character to your wash space. However, with so many different options available, it can be tricky knowing what will suit your bathroom design, as well as achieve your desired ambience. Here at homify we’ve gathered 7 of our favourite bathroom tiling designs, to provide you with some handy hints and design inspiration.

As tiles often impart the most eye-catching aesthetic within a bathroom, it is essential they are well-considered and thoughtful. Guarantee your bathroom an attention-grabbing and sophisticated design, by choosing your tiles with confidence.

1. Minimalist mosaics

Mosaics are by far one of the most exciting tile options for a stylish and exciting bathroom. However, when we think of mosaics, we often picture bright, gaudy motifs and colours. This doesn’t have to be the case; mosaics can be used to incorporate a subtle, minimalist design as well.

2. Luxury stone combinations

Pairing two different tile styles together can help create a desirable juxtaposition of contrasting hues and textures. This has been achieved in this bathroom, where designers have opted for sandy tiles for the wall, and clean white marble tiles for the floor. To add to the reverse aesthetic, a dark timber ceiling has been employed, creating a spa-like ambience.

3. Getting colourful!

Tiles offer a range of different styles and options, one of these being the wide selection of colours and shapes. When implementing coloured tiles in your bathroom, keep the other features simple, and don’t overcrowd the room with too many ornaments or accessories – let your tiles do the talking!

4. Chic and sophisticated

Wonderfully chic, this Hong Kong bathroom is gorgeously adorned with opulent marble flooring. Set in large tiles, the marble brings a cool atmosphere to the wash room, while the simple white walls are crisp and clean.

5. Totally tiled!

Tiles really tie a bathroom together, and when utilised on all walls and floors, can add a sophisticated sense of luxury. This room has installed a mosaic tile that flows from floor to ceiling, and brings an understated lavish ambience to the compact space.

6. Dark and mysterious

For a deeper character, and a little mystery, think about decorating on the dark side. In this bathroom the designers have opted for a large charcoal coloured tile that adds depth to the room, without compromising the perceived space.

7. Earthy and elegant

The final bathroom we have chosen is an elegant yet simple space replete with two different stone tiles. On the right hand side wall we see the composite stone, which is an inexpensive solution that brings a huge amount of character into the space. On the floor and left hand side walls we see a different stone that is lighter and smoother. This works brilliantly to add contrast to the overall aesthetic, while enhancing the earthy mood and aura.

Which bathroom tiling example is your favourite? If you would like to tour some more fabulous wash spaces, check out: What NOT to do when decorating your small bathroom, and continue reading!

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