How to decorate your home with cool pallet furniture

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How to decorate your home with cool pallet furniture

Lindsay Whitney Lindsay Whitney
Veja mais de 50 dicas de decoração para sua casa par ZAP Moderne
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If you have never heard of pallet furniture, don't worry, it is a fairly new trend. Pallets are the wooden platforms that cradle large cargo loads, designed to be carried by a forklift, pallet jack or front loader in a warehouse or on a dock. There are several different types of pallets; some made of plastic, others of wood.

For purposes of decorative furniture though, wood pallets are definitely the most popular and versatile. You can find them at home stores or your local warehouse, which might charge a minimal price that is well worth it. Without further ado, homify invites you to our how-to guide for decorating your home with pallet furniture!

1. Plant wall

The plant and herb wall built from pallets is certainly the greenest pallet decor option. Six shelves feature on this large pallet shelf, with room for up to fifty small herbs pots or fewer larger plants! But for this many plants we recommend using this piece of pallet furniture to decorate outside, as watering all that greenery will be a very wet affair. 

However, you can easily modify this colossus of a plant wall to make it fit inside: just make it smaller, line the inner shelves with plastic and rig up a simple irrigation system, and before you know it, you’re space will be singing a livelier tune.

2. Pallet bar

Breakfast Bar par Pallet Stuff Glasgow Rustique

If you have always wanted a little bar in your house but always thought it was too expensive, then chin up, the pallet bar may be just the solution. 

Making a pallet bar involves merely cutting down the pallets into thinner sections, facing the cube-shaped ends outwards to make your preferred pattern, stacking them and then fixing them into place. Once you have finished building, but before you have stocked it with booze and glassware, it is easily moved around and compact enough to fit into virtually any space—indoor or out—in the home.

3. A side table

side table is a bit trickier as it usually does not involve the larger, more prevalently found pallets. It is better to use the smaller pallets. But once you get your hands on a few small ones, sand them well and then stack them up next to your sofa or bed for a sturdy and good-looking side table. Then, all that's left to do is get a nice lamp to set on it!

The armchair might be the simplest pallet décor item around: all you need are two good pallets, one on the bottom and another to support the back. If you would like a higher armchair, simply add pallets to the bottom. Then pop on some cute, plush cushions and you've got yourself a decorative, workaday chair!

4. Painted pallet sofa

Veja mais de 50 dicas de decoração para sua casa par ZAP Moderne

Veja mais de 50 dicas de decoração para sua casa


If you want something besides the wood look, pallets are easy enough to paint. We recommend painting before they are assembled into a furniture item but if you wish, pallet furniture can be repainted fairly regularly without disassembly.

The pallet sofa is constructed much like the armchair, with the additional feature of having a longer series of what we call ‘pallet shelves’, which are the nooks you get when you stack two or more pallets. They present great decorating possibilities; as you can see in this picture, a white pallet sofa’s pallet shelves have been stuffed with adorable knick-knacks, books and figurines, making this couch way more decorative than your average sofa.

5. A polished desk

par Biogibson Industriel Bois Effet bois

This last decorative pallet item has been constructed of pallets in a workbench style, making for both a unique and functional writing desk that friends will envy. 

To get a more sophisticated country look with this pallet piece, we recommend putting at least two coats of wood polish in a hue of your choosing, to make it really smooth and sheen. If you are interested in more pallet ideas, check out homify's pallet page!

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