7 Simple Ideas To Transform Your Living Room

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7 Simple Ideas To Transform Your Living Room

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Salon moderne par INSIDEarch Moderne
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We ask a lot of our living rooms, using them as dining areas, guest bedrooms, playrooms, offices, and even home theaters! We need flexible solutions for our living rooms, so that they can meet all of our needs. These six living rooms present some solutions that go far beyond a pull-out couch. Whether you need more seating, more flexible furniture, or a guest bed, these living rooms deliver it all and with style! 

1. Seating and Raised Floor

Salon moderne par OBBA Moderne

There are a few huge benefits to have this raised living room flooring. First, there's some incredible storage space under there, that doesn't take away from the clean and tidy feeling of the living room at all. Second, it provides some seating at the breakfast bar that never has to be moved out of the way. This floor is quite a multi-purpose feature!

2. Wheeled Furniture

Industrial style reading nook Chambre industrielle par Katie Malik Interiors Industriel
Katie Malik Interiors

Industrial style reading nook

Katie Malik Interiors

This little sofa is on wheels so that moving it around is simple. Whenever you need to add seating to another space you can just pull it over. Conversely, you can get it out of your way in a flash too. We just suggest you install a break too. You wouldn't want anyone sliding around as they try to get seated!

3. Practical Shape

Bureau moderne par INSIDEarch Moderne

This sofa is made of three separate pieces and each is identical. This simple design truly marries form to function. Each piece can be flipped any which way, to create a very adjustable sofa, or three simple seats. 

4. Fireplace Chair

Salon moderne par INSIDEarch Moderne

That simple yellow seat next to the fireplace is more than meets the eye. It's rigid shape means that it can be flipped into a table if needed! It also can move along the edge of the fireplace to offer you a seat as close to the comforting warmth as you desire. 

5. Home Cinema

Salle multimédia moderne par MapOut Moderne

This small living room becomes a home theater at night. That screen rolls up into the ceiling, and each chair can be rolled over to the side. When the window screens are open the space floods with light and looks like your typical living room. 

6. Swinging Chairs

Salle multimédia moderne par INSIDEarch Moderne

Besides being fun and comfortable, these hanging chairs are also very practical! They roll up when not in use so that this little living room has more floor space. This elegant design was thought up by interior architects Insidearch.

7. Simple Couch and Bed

Chambre moderne par INSIDEarch Moderne

Forget pull-out couches that are frustrating to deal with. This platform sofa is the size of a single bed, and transforms into a guest bed simply by moving the back-support pillows. 

For more ideas for small spaces, take a peek at this small apartment with a superb set-up!

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