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Beautiful rustic kitchens you'll love!

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Rustic styling will never go out of fashion thanks to its understated and easy grasp on design elegance. Often making the most of natural materials, such as wood and stone, rustic designs seek to allow functional rooms a more harmonious and uncomplicated relationship with their surroundings.

We love rustic kitchens for the cosy homeliness and nostalgic familiarity that they offer, not to mention the opportunities for personalisation. Take a look at the following examples of rustic kitchens and see if you could be convinced to inject a little old world style into your food preparation space.

Timber and cream

A wonderfully large house with a relatively open plan theme, we love how the rustic kitchen is here is both supporting the space and seeking to differentiate it. An angled counter brings definition ad elegantly separates where food is prepared and where it's eaten, while the pale colours at play help the exposed beams and naturally stunning architectural features to really shine. For an extra touch of personal style, we would be tempted to string up some fairy lights on the roof truss to really bring out the rustic cantina styling that is possible here.

Barbecue bliss

Having a well-equipped kitchen with a specific barbecue area is a luxury that you needn't be without. With many celebrations and meetings between family and friends all happening around a barbecue, it is an installation that you don't want to overlook, especially when they can look as amazing as this example from Liliana Zenaro.  Housed in simple brickwork, the grill looks perfect in the rustic surroundings, bringing a new dimension to the warm tones that dominate the space, while reminding us that some serious cooking is going to take place.

A classic, revamped

When it comes to rustic styling, there are few materials that really capture the essence as well as aged timber. We love this example that showcases a huge family table, finished in rustic wood, as well as a stunning bright green sideboard. The usable space is undeniable, as are the fun nods to the personalities of the residents, such as the brightly coloured chairs and industrial copper shades. This is one kitchen that exudes charm and character and we would love to be invited for dinner!

Courageous colour

The use of coloured ceramic tiles in the kitchen, especially as a splashback, has become very common but we have rarely seen anything this beautiful and dramatic! Perhaps the vibrant red worktop has contributed to the space to really make the tiles pop, or it could be the use of wooden-fronted cabinets for contrast, but either way, this is one rustic kitchen that seeks to make a statement, not just a whisper. With matching red appliances and a warm coloured floor all playing supporting roles, we love how nostalgic this space feels and how enticing too.

Simple chic

Isn't the natural wood panelling here just breathtaking? A fantastically different and rustic installation, it helps to bring new warmth and depth to a relatively plain and simple set of kitchen units, while not overshadowing them to the point of making the space feel cluttered or unusable. Mirroring the panelling, the stunning table that is just coming into view is also constructed from what appears to be reclaimed, rustic wood. A beautifully cohesive space, we can imagine the rest of the house being equally as stunning.

Nostalgic nook

The cozy feeling that this space gives us is so tangible that we can almost smell the fresh bread and hot coffee that is no doubt prepared here every morning. In this environment, the cabinets speak of hardiness and dependability, no doubt because they need to contain a hearty haul of gorgeous ingredients and are softened by the surrounding warm tones of the floor and wall tiles. This rustic masterpiece manages to look authoritative, welcoming and homely all at the same time and we know we wouldn't be able to resist sneaking in to taste whatever is cooking!

Devilishly dark

The Original British Standard Kitchen British Standard by Plain English Cuisine rurale Bois Noir
British Standard by Plain English

The Original British Standard Kitchen

British Standard by Plain English

If an all white kitchen is not for you, why not think about something very different and opt for black? Just as rustic as paler colours, black offers a rich contrast against the panelled walls and provides the perfect basis for a honey-toned natural butcher's block worktop to really shine through. We are huge fans of the pared back storage too, showcasing utensils an traditional ceramics, which all readily add to the rustic charm and personality of this amazing space.

Pared back

Wood and ceramics. They really are the perfect combination for creating a wonderfully rustic kitchen that offers practicality and aesthetic value in spades! The frosted glass of the top cupboards allows for light to move about the space and prevents them feeling oppressive, while the extremely minimal door frontages refer to a simpler design era. Easy to maintain, thanks to the use of mosaic tiles as a splash back, this space feels wonderfully inviting and charmingly simple and we love it.

Modern rustic

Even super modern spaces can become rustic masterpieces, when the right materials are used and this is an amazing example of just that. With stunning dark wood being used as a wall covering, what could be an essentially minimalist space has been transformed into a functional room that is giving more than just a nod to heritage styling, it is embracing it and making it its own. We would love to see a traditional range cooker in situ, just to add even more rustic charm!

For more creative kitchens, take a look at this Ideabook: Ideas that kitten fitters make look easy!

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