23 light-enhanced kitchens you can be inspired by

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23 light-enhanced kitchens you can be inspired by

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Our Kitchens Cuisine moderne par Harvey Jones Kitchens Moderne
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Using your space well is key to having rooms that feel spacious, bright and airy. This is none more important than your kitchen. The area where the whole family naturally gravitates to for social times, sustenance and fun, it's really important that there is enough room for everybody and that the room doesn't feel too claustrophobic.

With that in mind, welcome to an Ideabook all about big and bright kitchens! We know all of these spaces will have been created by talented kitchen planners, but that won't stop us from gathering some inspiration and trying out some of these styles for ourselves.

Would you care to join us?

1. The big window and bright lighting here keeps everything feeling spacious

Cuisine classique par JUNOR ARQUITECTOS Classique

2. Skylights for the win! When it comes to keeping a kitchen light, that is

Cuisine moderne par homify Moderne

3. Pastel tones and light flooring makes this space feel huge

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Cuisine moderne par Harvey Jones Kitchens Moderne

4. Spotlights are really working their magic to keep this room perfectly bright

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Cuisine classique par Harvey Jones Kitchens Classique

5. With light coming in from every direction, this is a dazzling kitchen!

Modern meets Edwardian. Cuisine classique par Rencraft Classique

6. Industrial styling has made this space feel huge, while sunlight keeps it lit to perfection

7. The lack of island makes this kitchen feel enormous. That's a good use of space!

Kitchen Cuisine moderne par IS AND REN STUDIOS LTD Moderne

8. A fully glazed wall is making this contemporary kitchen sparkle and feel endlessly long

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way Cuisine moderne par AR Design Studio Moderne

9. A segmented layout makes the room feel so much larger

Kitchen Cuisine industrielle par D-Max Photography Industriel

10. Can you ever have too much lighting? Not in a kitchen this bright and spacious

Private Residential Refurbishment, Kent Cuisine moderne par STUDIO 9010 Moderne

11. White-on-white is combining with sunlight to make this kitchen feel absolutely perfect

The Clapham Classic English Kitchen by deVOL Cuisine rurale par deVOL Kitchens Rural

12. The double-height ceiling of this room has made such light work of increasing the perceived space

Les Jenemies Cuisine rustique par JAMIE FALLA ARCHITECTURE Rustique

13. All the sunlight has tripled the size of this kitchen

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Cuisine classique par Harvey Jones Kitchens Classique

14. An uninterrupted pane of glass maximises the brightness of this kitchen but also emphasises its lengthy proportions

15. Nobody said you can't use black when you want to create a light kitchen. This proves it works!

AR Design Studio- The Medic's House Cuisine moderne par AR Design Studio Moderne

16. Does a white kitchen ever look bad or small?

Richmond Full House Refurbishment Cuisine minimaliste par A1 Lofts and Extensions Minimaliste

17. A big island should make the room feel small, but it's had the totally opposite effect here!

Timeless Greys Cuisine classique par Rencraft Classique Bois Effet bois

18. Pared back industrial styling + gargantuan windows = a kitchen fit for a king

Warehouse kitchen design Cuisine industrielle par LWK London Kitchens Industriel

19. This is what we'd call a super luxe kitchen. Just look at all that floor space! Marble floor space, no less

20. Nothing makes a kitchen feel bigger than a totally glazed roof

​Kitchen and sitting area with views of the back garden at Bedford Gardens house. Cuisine moderne par Nash Baker Architects Ltd Moderne Verre

21. You don't have to have a huge space to start with. This one is just perfectly laid out

Headlands Cottage - Interior Cuisine moderne par Barc Architects Moderne

22. We need our sunglasses on for this picture!

23. The cabinets might be dark, but the room feels enormous. It's not all about white cupboards!

A modern kitchen in rural location Cuisine moderne par Urban Myth Moderne

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Original (And Affordable) Ways To Boost Your Kitchen.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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