Gardening: 10 easy ways to make your garden beautiful

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Gardening: 10 easy ways to make your garden beautiful

Leigh Leigh
Peponi House - Back Door to Africa Jardin tropical par STUDIO [D] TALE Tropical
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How often do we see garden designs in the pages of design magazines and wish our gardens looked exactly the same? Yet with the expenses that come with landscapers or gardeners, we often end up mowing the lawn and settling for a garden that looks very plain and simple.

This doesn't have to be the case, however!

In fact today, we are going to show you 10 impressive designs from top professionals from around the world, which you can implement in your garden today – on a shoe string.

Don't believe us? 

Let's take a look!

1. Go for a neutral colour palette

Jardin moderne par homify Moderne

If you really want to create a garden that looks like it was designed by a top landscaper, opt for neutral tones, colours and materials that will bring different sections of the garden together cohesively. It will make for a very organised space that looks like it has been strategically designed.

2. Or add a splash of colour

Moroccan style garden Jardin méditerranéen par Gullaksen Architects Méditerranéen
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

If you have a terrace or an area where you can comfortably enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in your garden, add a splash of colour. This will make the space more welcoming and aesthetically appealing, so you'll use it more often!

Have a look at these 9 fabulous and super smart terrace ideas for inspiration!

3. Build your own pergola

RHS Cardiff 2015 Jardin moderne par Best4hedging Moderne

RHS Cardiff 2015


This could be a wonderful DIY project for the whole family with a fabulous end result – a wonderful sheltered spot that adds style and trend to your garden.

Have a look at these: tips for building your own pergola: a step-by-step guide.

4. Paint the fences

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden Jardin moderne par homify Moderne

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


Apart from doing regular maintenance work around your garden, a fresh coat of paint never goes amiss. It will keep your garden looking modern, fresh and stylish.

5. Create a vertical garden

Reflected Glory - Holland Park Renovation Jardin moderne par Tyler Mandic Ltd Moderne
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory – Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

If you don't have much space in your garden, build yourself a vertical garden. This will enhance the space immediately, bringing in more natural and green elements. 

These are so easy to make and require very little budget.

6. Add an eclectic streak

Peponi House Jardin tropical par STUDIO [D] TALE Tropical

Peponi House


These designers have brought together all sorts of colours, patterns and styles to create the most impressive and appealing outdoor living space. Have you ever seen something so glamorous?

By bringing in different themes, colours and materials, you create a very charming eclectic space that looks like it comes straight out of the pages of a design magazine. Scour antique stores and second-hand shops for little trinkets that will enhance this area on a budget.

7. Invest in good quality garden furniture

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House. Jardin moderne par Nash Baker Architects Ltd Moderne
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

While this may be an initial expense, if you invest in good quality garden furniture, you can keep and maintain it for years, making it a very valuable investment.

Opt for timeless pieces that will remain trendy and stylish for years to come. Simple wooden pieces of furniture are a great option! You can also mix and match cushions and coverings every time you want to change the look and feel.

8. Enhance the space with lighting

Contemporary Garden Design Balham Jardin moderne par homify Moderne

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


You don't need to spend a lot of money to install lighting in your garden, but look what a difference it makes!

Strategically placed lights can enhance details, textures and colours throughout your garden space, packing a punch.

9. Don't forget the artwork

Chelsea Creek - copyright St George Plc Jardin moderne par Aralia Moderne Verre

Chelsea Creek – copyright St George Plc


Accessories and decoration can play a huge role in the garden design but don't need to cost an arm or a leg. In fact you can get the kids to design some edgy and funky pieces of artwork that will immediately play an integral role in this exterior environment. 

Don't you love what an impact the stained glass has in this image?

10. Invest in an outdoor braai

wooden louvres and fire magic bbq Jardin moderne par wood-fired oven Moderne
wood-fired oven

wooden louvres and fire magic bbq

wood-fired oven

Last, but not least, every South African garden needs a braai. This will enhance the garden both aesthetically and functionally. You'll also spend far more time in the garden if you are cooking up delicious Sunday lunches or evening meals under the stars. 

Braai's also come in such a range of prices that you can truly choose one that fits into your budget.

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