5 drab hallways stunningly transformed

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5 drab hallways stunningly transformed

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Couloir, entrée, escaliers ruraux par Универсальная история Rural
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The hallway is the part of a home that gives visitors a preview of the design scheme they can expect inside. And when it’s drab, shabby or dark, you really can’t expect to create a good first impression on your guests. So here we present 5 uninspiring hallways which were transformed to sleek, gleaming and modern avatars by talented designers and architects. Previously, they suffered from gloom, mess, or shabby designs and some even lay in ruins. But with the right materials, creative lighting, elegant hues and contemporary touches, the same hallways are now stunners!

Before: overwhelmed with chaos

The monsters of chaos seemed to rule the roost in this shabby, ruinous and tacky hallway. The walls were crumbling all around its dingy quarters as it seemed to show no signs of improvement until the designers stepped in.

After: modern monochrome magic

The hallway now has a modern monochrome theme with a touch of whimsy. The stencilled tiles on the side and the modern-looking shelves in one corner make for quite the fusion. A simple linear two-seater couch sits in the corner, ready to accommodate waiting visitors. The wall has not been knocked down completely, but sports open windows to create an airy look.

Before: vintage dreariness

The rustic touches and vintage elements came together to create visual chaos in this old-looking space. Bricks, brass and an imposing clock at the end did nothing to help matters.

After: sleek urban charm

With better organisation and a sleek look, this hallway has been completely transformed. The design now leads to glass doors which allow ample sunlight to liven up the interiors. Slim cabinets line both sides of the corridor, while a sleek niche with wooden finish on the right breaks the monotony of shiny white surfaces. Credit for the revamped hallway goes to the architects at Antonia Reif Architectuur

Before: hemmed into a corner

This entrance failed to make a proper impact because it was hemmed into a dank corner and completely bereft of any style whatsoever.

After: white and airy makeover

Post-revamp, classic grey and glass doors have been set to slide while the floor has been done up with elegant stone tiles. The grey shades make for a contrasting and contemporary look against the dominating whiteness of the space, without hampering its roomy feel.

Before: jarring and dated

The colour of the walls had a jarring effect and did not blend well with the cream-hued doors in this hallway. A more sophisticated ceiling light was required, too.

After: quaint pastel charm

Quaint and charming touches now adorn the space with a soothing, subtle yet striking effect. The French countryside style comes through in the muted mocha shades as well as the patterns on the floor and the wallpaper. The wall on the left side has also been put to good use with the slightly D-shaped end table and a pretty artwork to give company to the sleek mirror nearby.

Before: work in progress

Fusion style flat par Alexander Krivov Classique
Alexander Krivov

Fusion style flat

Alexander Krivov

The rubble showed that this hallway was a work in progress. The place lay in ruins, waiting desperately for the designer touch.

After: old-school elegance

Fusion style flat Couloir, entrée, escaliers modernes par Alexander Krivov Moderne Bois Effet bois
Alexander Krivov

Fusion style flat

Alexander Krivov

The smooth oak-panelled wall on the right conceals modish closets while the Dutch door features cool squares of glass for a charming and classic effect.

So, what are you waiting for? If you too have a hallway that needs an urgent refresh, revamp it with the ideas that inspired you here! Here's another before & after story that might pique your interest: The brilliant transformation of a Japanese home.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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