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Kitchen Ideas You might never have thought of

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Kitchens, just like any other room of your home, require full attention to details and fine planning. Right from sink to lightings, you must pay full attention while taking care of the walls, tiles, floors, chairs, counter tops and more. Regular designs for kitchens are a usual sight but it something bright and beautiful that you never thought of can add a pinch of style and personalization to your cooking area. homify has brought to you 10 superb kitchen ideas that you wish, you had thought of them earlier. Save on economy and take a look at these.

Add your own style

Mosaics and tiles have always been a part of the kitchen but have you ever thought of doing something by yourself in these regards? Why not turn that boring white corner of your kitchen into a canvas and paint it like you want. Revive the area by adding some cement and tiles like this one shown. We wish, we too could have thought of it earlier.

Dark Tones

homify Cuisine moderne Granite Métallisé / Argent

We have already discussed how to embrace dark in your home and this is just a fragment of the same. Dark colored tones in the kitchen are hard to find but balanced with other tones, they can make the area stand out from the crowd. They are relief from old and passive decoration. Moreover, low maintenance and less cleaning are the USPs of these black cabinets. Don't they look wonderful?

Take the measurement

Sky Cutlery Birch Tray The Estate Yard CuisineAccessoires & Textiles
The Estate Yard

Sky Cutlery Birch Tray

The Estate Yard

Every single of the delicious dishes you cook, there are several measurement units involved in the form of tablespoons, pinches, handful, and grams and thus, you must be well equipped with proper measurement units in your kitchen. Make them handy and decorate them on the wall, on a tray or paper that gives them a distinctive edge over the other cutleries. It will also help you ease the cooking process. 

Magnetic Wall

So you have lots of tools and small boxes in your kitchen and each time you place them in the drawers, you end up losing them and spend hours while hunting for them? Here is a permanent solution to this problem. Ask your kitchen planner to create a magnetic wall or do it yourself. Here you can easily stick your small boxes, tools, spices, knives and other materials without much fuss. Get some free space and make the best out of vertical space storage in open!

Fiber Benches

Baa Bar Stool Baa Stool CuisineTables, chaises & bancs
Baa Stool

Baa Bar Stool

Baa Stool

Plain wooden or metal benches tend to hurt the backs and bottoms when used for hours. Placing cushions over them is a big headache as they keep on falling and displacing, even when you are loaded over them! What could be done here? Look at these very dynamic and unique fiber benches that can be bought from any desginer store. 

Decorate the shelves

homify Cuisine classique Bois Effet bois

When we say decorate, it does not necessarily means to put in spices box, bottles, oils, and other items in proper arrangement. Buy some peppy decoration material for your kitchen shelves that might be small animal skeletons, figures of birds or even food that can stand well without falling every now and then. Add your own style to your kitchen.

Plants and colors

homify Cuisine moderne Marbre Blanc

Aromatic plants form an essential part of the kitchen as they add life, color as well as fragrance to the area without asking much. You can buy some low maintenance aromatic plants and colorful spices bottles to place them in open shelves and see the kitchen blossom like a spring's arden.

Basket within Bench

When you have a table, a countertop within your kitchen then there is no fun to make it solid. Keep it open and use the space as shelves. Or keep the entire space empty and buy some bamboo made baskets that look classy, traditional and also go well with all kinds of kitchens. They come handy to shift materials here and there. 

The DIY lights

homify CuisineEclairage

Did you know that your old wine and beer bottles or classes can work as a lighting lamp in the kitchen? Well, here is a perfect example of the same. Self made lights are a delight to add and they work as an inspiration to others. Different areas of kitchen require different lights and thus, get ready and pack some unused belongings and tools to makes some.

Show stealer stands

Kitchen stands are also another area where a little thought and a creative mind can bring great changes. Look at this unique and one of its kind of stand where you can hand the glasses on the top without fearing for their falls and cracks while the side pole with small shelves can store fruits, spices, coffee box, cups and everything that you want handily available. Pack up and start to shop! 

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